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Permissions who's allowed to do bookings?

Here you will find a summary of rooms' permission system that controls the allocation of space to approximately 20.000 events each semester.

The basics ...


A 180 A 120 A 60 A 60U S 30 S 20 Project room #L Project room #M

These are pools which are sets of mutually interchangeable rooms. By working with pools rather than specific room we enhance both flexibility and booking performance by avoiding fragmentation of schedules.

A detailed list of bookable rooms and assigned pools is available at Spaces.

Semester phases

closed application planning open

These are semester phases. We allow applications and - later on - bookings in a step-by-step process. This ensures that courses and venues are allocated space with high priority.


SuSe 2024 01.03.2024 29.06.2024 open
WiSe 2024 01.10.2024 31.01.2025 planning
SuSe 2025 01.03.2025 29.06.2025 closed
WiSe 2025 01.10.2025 30.01.2026 closed

Indiviudal permissions

pre-booking extended

Some rooms are specifically assigned to organizational units during the application phase (pre-booking) or without limitations at all (extended).
Extended users are given the right to approve and reject applications within their dedicated rooms.

My Special Rooms

The matrix ...


Employees are allowed to make room bookings within various pools or in specifically assigned rooms. If a booking request is refused by the system all data will be saved as a pending application which will then be reviewed by our staff.

closed application planning open
S 20 S 30 A 60 A 60U
Project room #L Project room #M
Online Unit bookable bookable
pre-booking bookable bookable
extended bookable bookable bookable

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are independent of semester phases. Permissions are assigned to organisations or individual users.

Complete list here


Students are allowed to book project rooms for group work and collaborative learning. The number of bookable project rooms and the duration of use are limited (see booking guidelines).

≤ 14 days > 14 days
Project room #M Project room #S bookable max. 3 bookings in advance, max. 2h each no application possible

Rooms for students