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For members of the WU

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Manage room bookings and applications for your courses at the university.

Internal Bookings

Easily obtain meeting or project space at the university.

Quick meeting booker

Please note: only for WU related meetings with some limitations:

  • no changes to the room's seating or infrastucture
  • no buffets or catering
  • no events where participants are expected to pay fees to attend
If in doubt please submit an event application.

Booking Requests

You may be assigned special privileges for certain rooms. As local administrator you can then approve or reject booking requests to your rooms.


Find out how Room's allocation system works based on a simple yet powerful permission system.

WU as venue


Host your event, conference, etc. at Campus WU. If you are not with the WU or you're a staff member planning something special this is the right place to start.

Applications for rooms in Ungerboeck

Applications must be submitted using the application form of the Ungerboeck event software, if:

  • event rooms are required
  • teaching or meeting rooms are required (for conferences, for example)
  • catering is required
  • any extra services are required
  • additional furniture is needed

External Events

Scientific, commercial, cultural or non-profit events from outside parties.

Internal e.g. Co-operative Events

Scientific and study-related events, WU internal events (with or without participation fees), as well as cooperation events.

If you need assistance with your application, please contact Event Management staff on 01/31336 4200 or events@wu.ac.at

For students at WU

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Rooms for students

Students at the WU are allowed to make reservations for certain rooms spread across the campus. Please refer to the Terms of service for further information.