Quotation Essletzbichler, Jürgen. 2020. Precarization and the urban spatial contract: Delivering socio-spatial reliance systems in Vienna. Urban Europe, Precarious Futures? Coventry - online, United Kingdom, 02.12.2020. Invited Talk




This presentation examines the relationship between rising precariousness and the provision of urban reliance systems in the context of Vienna. First, the presentation discusses and defines precariousness. Once we define precariousness broadly as insecurity, vulnerability, destabilization and endangerment of the individual’s capacity to function, then the counterpart of precarious is protection, political and social immunization against everything that endangers or reduces the capacity of individuals to pursue their subjective goals. Second, the presentation argues that socio-spatial reliance systems are integral components that provide the capacities for humans to act and realize their goals. Because reliance systems are not built from scratch, they come in many forms and shapes. What works in one place may be inadequate in another. Third, because “urban” areas are key sites of delivery of those reliance systems, but the systems are never bounded territorially, it is important to highlight the relational and multi-scalar properties of these “urban” reliance systems. The path-dependent nature of urban reliance systems as well as the limits of urban politics to build, maintain and protect their functional purpose are illustrated through a discussion of housing and mobility systems in Vienna. While municipal socialism, as practiced in Vienna, has been challenged by free market and New Public Management supporters, the relatively successful resistance to hand over large parts of Vienna’s reliance systems to the private sector offered some resilience in the city’s fight against precarization in the context of a rapidly growing and diversifying urban population.


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Language English
Title Precarization and the urban spatial contract: Delivering socio-spatial reliance systems in Vienna
Event Urban Europe, Precarious Futures?
Year 2020
Date 02.12.2020
Country United Kingdom
Location Coventry - online
URL https://www.coventry.ac.uk/research/about-us/research-events/2020/urban-europe-precarious-futures/
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Essletzbichler, Jürgen (Details)
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Economics of Inequality FI (Details)
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