Quotation Willems, Jurgen. 2020. Public officials: Between public value and public marketing. Trans-European Dialogue (TED), Bratislava, Slowakei, 12.02-13.02.




Public officials experience pressure from two sides when it comes to delivering and communicating public value. On the one hand, it is their responsibility to create public value, which is a complex and multi-dimensional set of goals. This requires managerial actions in a broad range of topics directed towards a large variety of stakeholder types. On the other hand, public officials are expected to focus and narrowly structure their communication in such way that it receives the necessary attention in our information-overloaded society. This has resulted in a trend that public value is increasingly communicated in an aggregated (i.e. multiple dimensions of public value are reported on a combined and abstract level) and generalist way (i.e. various stakeholder types are all addressed at once with this aggregated information). A specific example of this trend is the increased use of public service rankings, where public entities are compared based on overall rankings, which in turn is the result of aggregating several quality criteria and comparing them in a relative way for a sample of similar public entities. Despite the fact that such ranking information gives a straightforward and overall insight in public value, it remains utterly opaque with respect to the various quality criteria taken into account and consequences for specific stakeholder types.


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Title Public officials: Between public value and public marketing.
Event Trans-European Dialogue (TED)
Year 2020
Date 12.02-13.02
Country Slovakia
Location Bratislava
URL https://www.iias-iisa.org/event/18


Willems, Jurgen (Details)
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