Quotation Willems, Jurgen, Waldner, Carolin, Vogel, Dominik. 2019. Reputation spillover effects from grant-providing institutions. Nonprofit Management & Leadership. 30 (1), 9-30.




There is a broad academic discussion about the impact of funding grants from a foundation or a government department on individual support intentions toward the nonprofit organization receiving the grant. However, the role of the grant provider's reputation has frequently been overlooked. In this study, we experimentally tested whether there is a reputation spillover effect of a grant‐providing organization. Based on a real‐life example, we asked citizens to rate their willingness to donate to a nonprofit organization, and we experimentally manipulated the available information on funding sources. We test this for both a government department and a foundation as a grant provider. Our results suggest that not the act of receiving a grant, but the citizens' awareness about the funding organization—at least in the case of a foundation—has an impact on support intentions. In contrast, for a prominent government department as a grant provider, we did not find support for a reputation spillover effect.


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  • Reputation spillover effects from grant¿providing institutions
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Journal Nonprofit Management & Leadership
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Title Reputation spillover effects from grant-providing institutions
Volume 30
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Year 2019
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URL https://www.researchgate.net/publication/331619024_Reputation_spillover_effects_from_grant-providing_institutions
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/nml.21357
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Reputation Management for Nonprofit Organizations
Willems, Jurgen (Details)
Vogel, Dominik (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Waldner, Carolin (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Institute for Public Management and Governance IN (Details)
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5234 Administrative science (Details)
5308 Management sciences (Details)
5320 Marketing (Details)
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