Quotation Delmestri, Giuseppe, March, James. 2019. La Vita. James March talks to Giuseppe Delmestri. Studi Organizzativi, Nr. 1/19.




This transcript of a video interview is divided in three parts: Introduction, La vita è bella and La vita è folle. In the Introduction, Giuseppe Delmestri presents James (Jim) March with the 1st Italian Organization Science Award on behalf of the Italian organization studies scholars (who soon after will gather in ASSIOA) and talks of what connects him intellectually to Italy. In “La vita è bella” Jim March talks about fundamental questions in organization and management theory, like the relationship between practical and theoretical knowledge, the importance of organization studies for psychology, sociology, political science and economics, the proper name for our field, future big and small ideas, the role our discipline could play in solving big issues such as poverty and climate change, and concludes with the importance of beauty in life – therefore the title. In “La vita è folle”, Jim March talks more personally about his career and life: the serendipity and ‘foolishness’ in his career; his encounters with European scholars; about how “almost everything can be a rewarding experience” depending on our attitude; why academics should not be mentors or protégées and students should be independent; how working on manuscripts needs “endless rewriting” and what the right identity and motivation are to start an academic career.


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Type of publication Miscellaneous
Language English
Title La Vita. James March talks to Giuseppe Delmestri
Source Studi Organizzativi, Nr. 1/19
Year 2019


Delmestri, Giuseppe (Details)
March, James (Stanford University, United States/USA)
Institute for Change Management and Management Development IN (Details)
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