Quotation Meyer, Michael, Moder, Clara Maria, Neumayr, Michaela, Vandor, Peter. 2017. Institutional Environment and Patterns of Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. ARNOVA 46th Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 16.11-18.11.




In this paper, we explore the role of institutional forces and actors in shaping civil society in fifteen countries of CEE. Focusing on the different paths of civil societies’ development in these countries since 1989, we describe (i) the institutional framework of civil society in each of the countries and analyze (ii) the perceived influence of the institutional actors in shaping civil society in the present and the future, and we hereby aim to reveal (iii) similarities and differences across the region. Drawing on historical institutionalism, we analyze data from a survey with country-experts and country reports. We find that foreign actors (such as international donors or supranational institutions) are amongst the most influential forces for shaping civil society in CEE. Their importance, however, largely depends on the stage of the EU accession process of the respective country. Thanks to the comparative nature of our data, we are able to group countries according to their current institutional pattern. Overall, the study contributes to better understand how institutional actors influence the trajectories of a country’s civil society.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Institutional Environment and Patterns of Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe
Event ARNOVA 46th Annual Conference
Year 2017
Date 16.11-18.11
Country United States/USA
Location Grand Rapids


Meyer, Michael (Details)
Moder, Clara Maria (Former researcher)
Neumayr, Michaela (Details)
Vandor, Peter (Details)
Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship WE (Details)
Research areas (Ă–STAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
2943 Research and innovation management (Details)
5350 Innovation research (Details)
5363 Non-profit-sector research (NPO, NPI) (Details)
5405 Empirical social research (Details)
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