Quotation Roth, Julia, Fortmüller, Richard, Powell, Owen. 2017. Can teaching social dilemmas make people more prosocial? An experiment. Journal of Education for Business 92 (1), 16-22.




Economics and business students regularly behave less prosocially than others. Can ethics training reverse this tendency? Results from a repeated public goods experiment reveal that it can. Students who attend an interactive lecture on social dilemmas show significantly more cooperation than others. However, the lecture does not appear to increase the incidence of reciprocal behavior. As many current social problems qualify as social dilemmas, this result stresses the importance of ethics training for policy makers and curriculum designers alike in overcoming the incentive structure of social dilemmas.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Journal of Education for Business
Language English
Title Can teaching social dilemmas make people more prosocial? An experiment
Volume 92
Number 1
Year 2017
Page from 16
Page to 22
Reviewed? Y
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08832323.2016.1270885


Roth, Julia (Former researcher)
Fortmüller, Richard (Details)
Powell, Owen (Former researcher)
Institute for Business Education IN (Details)
Research areas (ÖSTAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5300 Economics (Details)
5348 Business education (Details)
5800 Educational sciences (Details)
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