Starjournal Quotation Kaiser, Ulrike, Schreier, Martin, Janiszewski, Chris. 2017. The Self-Expressive Customization of a Product Can Improve Performance. Journal of Marketing Research (JMR). 54 (5), 816-831.




This research demonstrates that the self-expressive customization of a product can improve performance on tasks performed using the customized product. Five studies show that the effect is robust across different types of tasks (e.g., persistence tasks, concentration tasks, agility tasks). The evidence further shows that the effect is not due to changes in product efficacy beliefs, feelings of competence, feelings of accomplishment, mood, task desirability, goal activation, or goal attainability. Instead, the self-expressive customization of a product extends an identity (e.g., personal identity, group identity) into the product. When the product is subsequently used to pursue a goal whose desired outcome can affirm the extended identity, performance improves.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Journal of Marketing Research (JMR)
Citation Index SSCI
WU Journalrating 2009 A+
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Language English
Title The Self-Expressive Customization of a Product Can Improve Performance
Volume 54
Number 5
Year 2017
Page from 816
Page to 831
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Kaiser, Ulrike (Details)
Schreier, Martin (Details)
Janiszewski, Chris (University of Miami, United States/USA)
Institute for Marketing Management IN (Details)
Competence Center for Experimental Research WE (Details)
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