Quotation Kornberger, Martin, Borch, Christian. 2015. Introduction: Urban Commons. In: Urban Commons, Hrsg. Christian Borch, Martin Kornberger, 1-21. London: Routledge.




The aim of this volume is twofold, namely: (1) to rethink the city on the basis of the notion of the commons; and (2) to readdress discussions of the commons by taking them to the urban domain. We realize that this ambition might sound presumptuous, given the fact that reflections on both cities and commons date long back and constitute rich traditions. Yet an emergent literature can be identified which seeks to bridge these two traditions (e.g. Blomley, 2008; Harvey, 2012; Parker and Johansson, 2012; Susser and Tonnelat, 2013; Parr, 2014). We consider these attempts important first steps, but also believe that more work is needed to fully understand what it might mean to speak of urban commons, and what that term might entail for extant discussions of cities and commons alike – also beyond debates about the role of social movements, around which much current commons literature pivots. Providing some further steps towards such an understanding is the rationale for this book. Taking up the challenge of understanding urban commons will require us to address a host of issues such as collectivity, diversity, power, atmospheres, government, sexuality, inclusion/exclusion, etc.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Chapter in edited volume
Language English
Title Introduction: Urban Commons
Title of whole publication Urban Commons
Editor Christian Borch, Martin Kornberger
Page from 1
Page to 21
Location London
Publisher Routledge
Year 2015
Reviewed? Y
URL http://dx.doi.org/10.4324/9781315780597
ISBN 9781315780597
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Kornberger, Martin (Details)
Borch, Christian (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance FI (Details)
Urban Management and Governance (Meyer) (Details)
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