Quotation Kamleitner, Bernadette. 2016. The happy road to loyalty: How (incidental) consumption affect forges brand-ties. Research Seminar Series, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 17.03.




Professor Kamleitner presented on a recent research project investigating the potential effect of (incidental) consumption on a consumers relationship to the consumed product. A process of affect (mis)attribution is hypothesized, in which consumers implicitly infer a possessive bond (psychological ownership) from the affect experienced. In turn this possessive bond is thought to instigate intended loyalty. In two studies, including a study in which consumers self-video taped actual consumption, the researchers investigate the suggested process and identify whether it holds across product categories and brands. Results suggest that in particular during the actual consumption of emotional brands, happy consumers become possessive and eventually loyal consumers.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Unpublished lecture
Language English
Title The happy road to loyalty: How (incidental) consumption affect forges brand-ties
Event Research Seminar Series
Location Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Date March 17, 2016


Kamleitner, Bernadette (Details)
Institute for Marketing and Consumer Research IN (Details)
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