Quotation Matheus-Berr, Ruth, Sachsenhofer, Wolfgang, Karlusch, Albrecht. 2015. The case for interdisciplinary art and design education. Symposium – Perspectives on Art Education, Vienna, Österreich, 28.05-30-05.




Fundamental innovation in universities and research institutes has changed the world, particularly where collaboration between disciplines is involved. Innovations are driven by collaboration, interdisciplinary research and work, which is challenging. The incentive system in academia rewards in-depth singularly focused research and discourages people from exiting their own (often narrow) fields. Despite this, we are involved in an innovative collaboration between one University of Arts and Design and one Business University with the aim of fostering innovation in the crucial area of clean tech and incubate sustainable start-up companies. This paper describes two methods (The Applied Design Thinking and Lean Start-up Methods) we applied in a project with students from the Departments of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship of Arts and Design. When the Art and Design students collaborated with Business students, they generated ideas faster and their ideas were more thoroughly grounded socially and economically. Consequently the likelihood of their applications having lasting impact increased. This paper describes the on-going project, focusing in particular on topic development in teams and argues a case for students to gain insights into interdisciplinary applied work.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title The case for interdisciplinary art and design education
Event Symposium – Perspectives on Art Education
Year 2015
Date 28.05-30-05
Country Austria
Location Vienna
URL http://www.didactic-art.org/index.php?id=info_perspectives0


Sachsenhofer, Wolfgang (Former researcher)
Karlusch, Albrecht (Former researcher)
Matheus-Berr, Ruth (University of Applied Arts, Austria)
Institute for Strategic Management IN (Details)
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation IN (Details)
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