Quotation Fischer, Manfred M. 2014. The geography of knowledge spillovers in Europe. First International Conference on Applied Methods in Social Sciences, Olhao, Portugal, 23.04.-24.04.2014. Invited Talk




In recent years, economic growth theorists have focused new attention on the role of knowledge capital in aggregate economic growth, with a prominent modelling role for knowledge spillovers. In the new growth literature it is typically assumed that knowledge spills over to other agents within the economy but not to other economies. Knowledge spillovers may be defined to denote the benefits of knowledge to firms not responsible for the original investment in the creation of this knowledge. The focus of my lecture is on disembodied knowledge spillovers which arise because knowledge is a partially excludable and non-rivalrous good. Knowledge spillovers, are notoriously difficult to measure, as pointed out by Krugman (1991), but knowledge spillovers may well leave a paper trail in the citations to previous patents recorded in patent documents. My presentation lies in the research tradition that uses patent citations as a proxy for knowledge spillovers, and directs attention to knowledge spillovers within the high-tech sector in Europe. The European coverage is given by patent applications at the European Patent Office that are assigned to high-technology firms located in Europe. The presentation will summarize previous research carried out in the Institute for Economic Geography and GIScience at WU, using the case-control matching approach and a Poisson spatial interaction model, to shed some light on the question of whether and to what extent knowledge spillovers are localized.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title The geography of knowledge spillovers in Europe
Event First International Conference on Applied Methods in Social Sciences
Year 2014
Date 23.04.-24.04.2014
Country Portugal
Location Olhao
Invited Talk Y


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