Quotation Schneider, Ulrike, Zuba, Martin. 2011. Informal elder care and absenteeism at the workplace. 9th Annual Conference of the Network for European Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet), Valencia, Spanien, 08.09.-10.09..




Population ageing and expected labor shortages in the economy both imply that successful reconciliation of elder care and paid work is becoming a key issue for employers, employees and frail older people alike. Family care contributes to ensuring quality and affordability in future care but work-to-family conflict may infer with providing such care. At the same time, taking up care responsibilities might lead to family-to-work conflict and hence affect productivity at work e.g. through absenteeism. We use data from the fourth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS)to investigate both, the relation between informal elder care and the occurrence of absenteeism events and work-to-family conflict for employees in 31 European countries. The ECWS focus on work-related items allows for a thorough analysis of the moderating effects of workplace characteristics on these outcomes. We hypothesize that caregivers exhibit a higher degree of absenteeism than non-caregivers and that the factors influencing absenteeism differ between caregivers and non-caregivers among employees. More specifically we expect that caregivers' absences can be explained to a higher degree by pressing necessities. We also expect that employees with caregiving responsibilities report more time-related work-family conflict. Results indicate that caregivers are more likely to miss days at work, and that some factors affecting their absenteeism behaviour and work-to-family conflict differ from the total sample. Time-related workplace policies associated with increased absenteeism reduce work-to-family conflict and might thus pay off via decreased fluctuation.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Informal elder care and absenteeism at the workplace
Event 9th Annual Conference of the Network for European Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet)
Year 2011
Date 08.09.-10.09.
Country Spain
Location Valencia
URL http://espanet2011.net/


Schneider, Ulrike (Details)
Zuba, Martin (Former researcher)
Institute for Social Policy IN (Details)
Research Institute for Economics of Aging FI (Details)
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