Quotation Krumke, Sven O., Taudes, Alfred, Westphal, Stephan. 2011. Online scheduling of weighted equal-length jobs with hard deadlines on parallel machines. Computers and Operations Research 38 (8): 1103-1108.




We consider the problem of scheduling a maximum profit selection of equal length jobs on m identical machines. Jobs arrive online over time and the goal is to determine a non-preemptive schedule which maximizes the total profit of the scheduled jobs. Let the common processing requirement of the jobs be p>0. For each job j_i, i=1...,n we are given a release time r_i (at which the job becomes known) and a deadline r_i+p+δ_i. If the job is scheduled and completed before the deadline, a profit of wi is earned. Upon arrival of a new job, an online algorithm must decide whether to accept the job or not. In case of acceptance, the online algorithms must provide a feasible starting date for the job. Competitive analysis has become a standard way of measuring the quality of online algorithms. For a maximization problem, an online algorithm is called c-competitive, if on every input instance it achieves at least a 1/c-fraction of the optimal (offline) profit. We give lower bounds for the competitivity of online algorithms and propose algorithms which match this lower bound up to a constant factor.


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Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Computers and Operations Research
Citation Index SCI
WU Journalrating 2009 A
WU-Journal-Rating new FIN-A, INF-A, STRAT-B, WH-B
Language English
Title Online scheduling of weighted equal-length jobs with hard deadlines on parallel machines
Volume 38
Number 8
Year 2011
Page from 1103
Page to 1108
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Integrated Demand and Supply Chain Management
Taudes, Alfred (Details)
Krumke, Sven O. (Universit├Ąt Kaiserlautern, Germany)
Westphal, Stephan (Universit├Ąt Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Institute for Production Management (Taudes) (Details)
Research Institute for Supply Chain Management FI (Details)
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