Quotation Breuss, Fritz, Kaniovski, Serguei, Schratzenstaller-Altzinger, Margit. 2009. Macro-economic Effects Of the Fiscal Stimulus Measures in Austria. Austrian Economic Quarterly 14 (4): 205. http://www.wifo.ac.at/wwa/jsp/index.jsp?fid=23923&id=37561&typeid=8&display_mode=2.




In order to cushion the impact of the financial and economic crisis on the real economy, the Austrian government adopted fiscal stabilisation packages. Relative to GDP, these are among the largest in an international comparison, amounting to 4.2 percent of 2008 GDP in cumulative terms and including similar measures taken by the Länder (federal states). Simulations with the WIFO macro-economic model suggest that these measures, together with those taken by Austria's major trading partners, contribute substantially towards limiting the repercussions of the crisis, reducing the fall in GDP in 2010 by 2.1 percentage points. With a share of less than 30 percent of the total amount spent, investment geared towards raising potential growth in the future receives less emphasis than in a sample of 11 OECD countries with an average share of almost 40 percent.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication eJournal article
Journal Austrian Economic Quarterly
Language English
Title Macro-economic Effects Of the Fiscal Stimulus Measures in Austria
Volume 14
Number 4
Year 2009
Pages 205
URL http://www.wifo.ac.at/wwa/jsp/index.jsp?fid=23923&id=37561&typeid=8&display_mode=2


Breuss, Fritz (Details)
Kaniovski, Serguei (WIFO, Austria)
Schratzenstaller-Altzinger, Margit (WIFO, Austria)
Department of Economics (Badinger) (Details)
Europainstitut (Badinger) (Former organization)
Research areas (ÖSTAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5115 European integration (Details)
5300 Economics (Details)
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