Quotation Fuhrmann, Bettina. 2009. Students' Evaluation of Instructional Quality – Analysis of Influences on Global Ratings. European Conference on Educational Research, Wien, Österreich, 28.09.-30.09..




Student ratings have been used for many years to evaluate the performance of teachers in their classes (Stronge 1997). Despite the increasingly widespread use of Students' Evaluations of Teaching, their validity and usefulness are not undisputed (Marsh 1987). Some research papers present data and interpretations suggesting that ratings are not highly correlated to student learning. Furthermore, it is argued that they might be biased by students' interest in the subject, their liking for their teachers, by grades and the teachers' grading leniency and other aspects (Greenwald 1997). Most studies concentrate only on a limited number of potential biases. At the same time they neglect factors that should in fact have an influence on ratings, namely the teaching behaviour of the instructors being evaluated. It seems indispensable to analyse potential biases in the context of teaching behaviour as some of them like interest in the subject and the students' liking for their teacher could be a result of good or bad teaching. This paper explores to which extent global ratings of teachers by their students are influenced by teaching behaviour as well as by other (potentially biasing) factors. It is examined if some of these factors might be the result of good or bad teaching and therefore cannot be considered a bias.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Students' Evaluation of Instructional Quality – Analysis of Influences on Global Ratings
Event European Conference on Educational Research
Year 2009
Date 28.09.-30.09.
Country Austria
Location Wien


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