Quotation Rosic, Heidrun, Bauer, Gerhard, Jammernegg, Werner. 2009. A framework for economic and environmental sustainability and resilience of supply chains. 1st Rapid Modelling Conference, Neuchâtel, Schweiz, 29.06-01.07.




Traditionally supply chain management decisions are based on the economic performance which is expressed by financial and non-financial meas-ures, i.e. costs and customer service. Based on this economic perspective, in the last decades, several logistics trends, i.e. outsourcing, offshoring and centraliza-tion, emerged. Recently, studies have shown that the focus on the cost aspect is no longer sufficient. Due to internal and external drivers (e.g. customer pressure, regulations, etc.) environmental criteria become more and more important for the decision-making of individual enterprises. Furthermore, the risk which is related to the increased transportation distances resulting from these strategies is often not taken into account or underestimated. These shifts in priorities of companies force them to search for new logistics strategies that are at the same time cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable. Based on this integrated perspective new logistics trends, like on- and nearshoring, flexible supply base or flexible transpor-tation, have come up recently and will gain more importance in the near future. Relying on a flexible supply base a company can benefit from low costs in an off-shore facility and simultaneously be able to respond quickly to demand fluctua-tions and react to delivery delays and disruptions by serving the market also from an onshore site. A single-period dual sourcing model is presented to show the ef-fects of emission costs on the offshore, onshore and total order quantity.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title A framework for economic and environmental sustainability and resilience of supply chains
Event 1st Rapid Modelling Conference
Year 2009
Date 29.06-01.07
Country Switzerland
Location Neuchâtel
URL http://www2.unine.ch/rmc09/page24760.html


Rosic, Heidrun (Former researcher)
Bauer, Gerhard (Details)
Jammernegg, Werner (Details)
Institute for Production Management (Reiner) (Details)
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