Quotation Zeileis, Achim, Meyer, David, Hornik, Kurt. 2007. Residual-based shadings for visualizing (conditional) independence.. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 16 (3): 507-525.




Residual-based shadings for enhancing mosaic and association plots to visualize independence models for contingency tables are extended in two directions: (a) perceptually uniform Hue-Chroma-Luminance (HCL) colors are used and (b) the result of an associated significance test is coded by the appearance of color in the visualization. For obtaining (a), a general strategy for deriving diverging palettes in the perceptually-based HCL space is suggested. As for (b), cut offs that control the appearance of color are computed in a data-driven way based on the conditional permutation distribution of maximum-type test statistics. The shadings are first established for the case of independence in 2-way tables and then extended to more general independence models for multi-way tables, including in particular conditional independence models.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
Citation Index SCI
WU-Journal-Rating new FIN-A, VW-C
Language English
Title Residual-based shadings for visualizing (conditional) independence.
Volume 16
Number 3
Year 2007
Page from 507
Page to 525
Reviewed? Y
URL http://statmath.wu.ac.at/~zeileis/papers/Zeileis+Meyer+Hornik-2007.pdf


Zeileis, Achim (Former researcher)
Meyer, David (Former researcher)
Hornik, Kurt (Details)
Institute for Statistics and Mathematics IN (Details)
Institute for Information Systems and Society IN (Details)
Research Institute for Computational Methods FI (Details)
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