Quotation Possard, Marlon, Hrsg. 2022. WTBG 2017 – Wirtschaftstreuhandberufsgesetz 2017. Norderstedt: Books on Demand.




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Status of publication Published
Affiliation External
Type of publication Edited book (editorship)
Language German
Type of published work Miscellaneous
Title WTBG 2017 – Wirtschaftstreuhandberufsgesetz 2017.
Location Norderstedt
Publisher Books on Demand
Year 2022
Open Access N


Possard, Marlon (Details)
Research areas (ÖSTAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5204 Civil law (also: general part) (Details)
5210 Business law (Details)
5229 Penal procedure law (Details)
5230 Criminal law (Details)
5307 Business and management economics (Details)
5311 Public finance (Details)
5327 Accounting (Details)
5328 Auditing and trusts (Details)
5349 Business taxation (Details)
5359 Controlling (Details)
6103 Ethics (Details)
6110 Legal and political philosophy (Details)
6123 Business ethics (Details)
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