Quotation Briscoe, Jon P., Kaše, Robert, Dries, Nicky, Dysvik, Anders, Unite, Julie A., Adeleye, Ifedapo, Andresen, Maike, Apospori, Eleni, Babalola, Olusegun, Bagdadli, Silvia, Çakmak-Otluoglu, K. Övgü, Casado, Tania, Cerdin, Jean-Luc, Cha, Jong-Seok, Chudzikowski, Katharina, Dello Russo, Silvia, Eggenhofer-Rehart, Petra, Fei, Zhangfeng, Gianecchini, Martina, Gubler, Martin, Hall, Douglas T., Imose, Ruth, Ismail, Ida Rosnita, Khapova, Svetlana, Kim, Najung, Lehmann, Philip, Lysova, Evgenia, Madero, Sergio, Mandel, Debbie, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Milikic, Biljana Bogicevic, Mishra, Sushanta, Naito, Chikae, Nikodijević, Ana D., Reichel, Astrid, Saher, Noreen, Saxena, Richa, Schleicher, Nanni, Schramm, Florian, Shen, Yan, Smale, Adam, Supangco, Vivien, Suzanne, Pamela, Taniguchi, Mami, Verbruggen, Marijke, Zikic, Jelena. 2021. „Here, There, & Everywhere: Development and Validation of a Cross-Culturally Representative Measure of Subjective Career Success“. Journal of Vocational Behavior. 1-71.




Subjective career success continues to be a critical topic in careers scholarship due to ever changing organizational and societal contexts that make reliance upon external definitions of success untenable or undesirable. While various measures of subjective career success have been developed, there is no measure that is representative of multiple nations. In this study, we develop and validate a new subjective career success scale, which is unique from currently available measures in that it was developed and validated across a broad representation of national cultures. We validated the scale across four phases and several studies cumulatively involving 18,471 individual respondents from 30 countries based upon the GLOBE and Schwartz cultural clusters. This scale allows for addressing career success differences both within and across cultures. It is also easily applicable in everyday practice for companies operating in multi-country contexts. We explore theoretical and practical implications.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Journal of Vocational Behavior
Citation Index SSCI
WU Journalrating 2009 A
WU-Journal-Rating new MAN-A+, STRAT-B, WH-A
Language English
Title „Here, There, & Everywhere: Development and Validation of a Cross-Culturally Representative Measure of Subjective Career Success“
Year 2021
Page from 1
Page to 71
Reviewed? N
URL https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001879121000841?via%3Dihub
DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jvb.2021.103612
Open Access N


Chudzikowski, Katharina (Details)
Eggenhofer-Rehart, Petra (Details)
Mayrhofer, Wolfgang (Details)
Reichel, Astrid (Details)
Saher, Noreen (Former researcher)
Adeleye, Ifedapo (Georgetown University, United States/USA)
Andresen, Maike (University of Bamberg, Germany)
Apospori, Eleni (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)
Babalola, Olusegun (University of Houston, United States/USA)
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Gubler, Martin (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland)
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Imose, Ruth (McKinsey & Company, Philippines)
Ismail, Ida Rosnita (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia)
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Kim, Najung (Kookmin University, Republic of Korea)
Lehmann, Philip (University of Bamberg, Germany)
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Unite, Julie A. (Ascend Talent Strategies, United States/USA)
Verbruggen, Marijke (KU Leuven, Belgium)
Zikic, Jelena (York University, Canada)
Interdisciplinary Institute for Management and Organizational Behavior IN (Details)
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