Quotation Neier, Thomas. 2021. Austrian Air–Just Clean for Locals: A Nationwide Analysis of Environmental Inequality. Ecological Economics.




This study investigates the extend of environmental inequality related to industrial air pollution in Austria. Using more than 170.000 census grid cells, each at 250 m2, and pollution measures of the E-PRTR, this study is able to provide high geographical resolution data on a national scale. The randomisation strategy applied compares the empirical socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of populations living close to industrial facilities to characteristics of those close to randomly allocated facilities. The results are then confirmed by the use of the spatial regression model SLX, which takes spatial spillovers between neighbouring units into account. The study finds robust evidence for the existence of environmental inequality in Austria. The presence of a foreign population consistently indicates a significant and positive association with the level of pollution. Whereas this pattern holds on a national scale, it is even stronger within urban areas. The spatial dependence follows this pattern, reaffirming the choice of spatial regression techniques. In contrast to past European studies in the field, a positive correlation between income and pollution can be seen in rural areas. By using high-resolution spatial data on a national scale, as well as advanced spatial methods, methodological limitations of these prior studies can be addressed.


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Journal Ecological Economics
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Title Austrian Air–Just Clean for Locals: A Nationwide Analysis of Environmental Inequality
Year 2021
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DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolecon.2021.107100
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