Type Research Project

Duration Aug. 15, 2003 - Aug. 15, 2099
  • Institute for Information Systems and Society IN (Details)


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Abstract (German)

OpenJDK ist die open-source-Community, die Java und Java-Technologien entwickelt.

Abstract (English)

OpenJDK is the open-source community developing Java and Java technologies.



2020 Flatscher, Rony G. 2020. BSF4ooRexx beta 20200928. (Details)
  Flatscher, Rony G. 2020. 8238080: FXMLLoader: if script engines implement javax.script.Compilable compile scripts. (Details)
  Flatscher, Rony G. 2020. 8234959: FXMLLoader does not populate ENGINE_SCOPE Bindings with FILENAME and ARGV #122. (Details)


  • 1109 Information and data processing (Details)
  • 1138 Information systems (Details)
  • 1140 Software engineering (Details)
  • 1146 Management information systems (Details)
  • 5367 Management information systems (Details)