FoodClim: Reducing the contribution of food waste to Austria’s GHG emissions

Type Research Project

Duration April 1, 2016 - Sept. 30, 2018

  • Institute for Ecological Economics IN (Details)


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  • Dobernig, Karin (Former researcher)
  • Schanes, Karin (Former researcher) Project Head
  • Stagl, Sigrid (Details) Project Head


Journal article

2018 Schanes, Karin, Dobernig, Karin, Gözet, Burcu. 2018. Food waste matters - A systematic review of household food waste practices and their policy implications. Journal of Cleaner Production. 182 978-991. open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2019 Dobernig, Karin, Schanes, Karin, Hartl, Barbara. 2019. Sharing, not wasting: A study on motives of participation in food sharing initiatives. European Roundtables of Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP), Barcelona, Spanien, 15.10.-18.10. (Details)
2017 Dobernig, Karin, Schanes, Karin. 2017. Tackling the Consumer Food Waste Dilemma: An exploration of household strategies and lock-ins. ERSCP2017: European Roundtable of Sustainable Consumption and Production, Skiathos Island, Griechenland, 01.10.-05.10. (Details)
2016 Dobernig, Karin. 2016. Lebensmittelabfälle als Konsum(enten)problem? Eine qualitative Studie zu Perspektiven und Praktiken von urbanen Haushalten, September 2016, University of Graz. . Multiperspektivische Verbraucherforschung, 2. Symposium des Netzwerks ¿Konsum Neu Denken" University of Graz, Österreich, 22.09.-23.09. (Details)

Poster presented at an academic conference or symposium

2017 Schanes, Karin, Dobernig, Karin, Gözet, Burcu. 2017. Waste Matters: A Systematic Review of Household Food Waste Practices And Their Policy Implications. 18. Österreichischer Klimatag, Universität Wien, Österreich, 22.05.-24.05. (Details)