Personalization and 1 to 1 marketing

Type Research Project

Duration Sept. 1, 1998 - Feb. 29, 2000

  • Information Technology in Business AE (Former organization)
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik und Neue Medien (Neumann) AE (Former organization)
  • Institute for Information Management and Control IN (Details)


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  • Bichler, Martin (Former researcher)
  • Brandtweiner, Roman (Details)
  • Flatscher, Rony G. (Details) Project Head
  • Kaukal, Marion (Former researcher)
  • Scharl, Arno (Former researcher)

Abstract (English)

The research project 'Personalization and 1-to-1 Marketing' is concerned with new models for product and price differentiation and new tools for customer- specific promotions. Active databases and electronic customer profiles enable a new way of personalized electronic interactions with the customer. This part of the project develops new concepts for product and price differentiation and customer-specific promotions.




  • price differentiation
  • electronic commerce
  • customer orientation
  • internet
  • product policy