Managerial decision making in Europe

Type Research Project

Funding Bodies
  • Kuratorium zur Förderung der Wirtschaftsuniversität

Duration July 1, 1997 - Feb. 28, 1999

  • Department of Public Management AE (Former organization)
  • Institute for Organization Studies IN (Details)


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  • Sandner, Karl (Details) Project Head

Abstract (German)

Scenario technique, questionnaires, comparative method

Abstract (English)

Typical HRM-decisions of major banks in six European countries are compared. Differences in processes in outcomes are analysed on the basis of possible differences in methods and cultural backgrounds.


  • ESADE - Spain
  • Bocconi University Milano - Italy
  • University of Cologne - Germany


Journal article

2000 Müller, Christiane, Sandner, Karl, Segalla, Michael. 2000. Kritische HRM-Entscheidungen in österreichischen Banken - Ergebnisse einer internationalen Studie. Journal für Betriebswirtschaft (JfB) (6): 240-251. (Details)
  Segalla, Michael, Fischer, Lorenz, Sandner, Karl. 2000. Making cross-cultural research relevant to European corporate integration: Can a new approach to an old problem help your company?. European Management Journal (2): 38-50. (Details)


  • 5333 Business management (Details)
  • 5352 Human resource management, personnel management (Details)


  • banking
  • Europe
  • cultural factors
  • management
  • personnel affairs