Steering and Control of Corporatisations and Agencies - Austrian Federal Experiences in International Comparison

Type Research Project

Funding Bodies
  • Austrian National Bank

Duration Oct. 1, 2008 - Sept. 30, 2010

  • Institute for Public Management and Governance IN (Details)


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  • Hammerschmid, Gerhard (Former researcher) Project Head
  • Meyer, Renate (Details)
  • Steigenberger, Karin (Former researcher)

Abstract (German)

This research project aims to analyse the trend towards Agencification and Corporatisation in the Austrian federal administration. Insights will be generated on how the newly established or autonomised public institutions are steered and controlled, and whether a lack of steering and control can be observed.
In order to do so, the organisation of the Austrian federal administration is mapped with regard to the autonomy, steering, coordination and performance of different public sector entities.
The analysis uses a variety of data sources including a comprehensive questionnaire, interviews and analysis of organisational documents. The project is embedded in two European public management networks, namely the EU Cost Action Program IS0601 ("Comparative Research Into Current Trends in Public Sector Organization") and the COBRA network ("Comparative Public Organization Data Base for Research and Analysis") allowing for a comparison of the Austrian experiences with international public management trends.


Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2010 Steigenberger, Karin, Hammerschmid, Gerhard. 2010. Autonomy, Steering and Control of Public Sector Entities in Austria - How far does the Legal Status matter?. 6th Meeting of COST Action IS0601, Cluj, Rumänien, 27.05.-28.05.. (Details)
  Meyer, Renate, Hammerschmid, Gerhard. 2010. Public Corporate Governance: A Decoupling of Formal Regulation and Current Practice in a Legalistic Rechtsstaat Administration. IRSPM, Bern, Schweiz, 07.04.-09.04.2010. (Details)