Loyalty in the European Union - with a special focus on the law of external relations

Type Habilitation Project

Funding Bodies

Duration April 1, 2009 - March 31, 2012

  • Europainstitut (Nf. Griller) AE (Former organization)


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  • Klamert, Marcus (Former researcher) Project Head


Journal article

2010 Klamert, Marcus, Kraft, Nikolaus. 2010. Berufung auf WTO-Recht im Zivilprozess: Zum Scheitern verurteilt? Bemerkungen zu OGH 17 Ob 31/09x. Juristische Blätter 132 (8): 538-541. (Details)
  Klamert, Marcus. 2010. Conflicts of Legal Basis: No Legality and No Basis but a Bright Future under the Lisbon Treaty?. European Law Review 35 (4): 497-515. (Details)
  Klamert, Marcus. 2010. Of Empty Glasses and Double Burdens: Approaches to Regulating the Services Market à propos the Implementation of the Services Directive. Legal Issues of Economic Integration 37 (2): 111-132. (Details)


  • 5218 Constitutional law (Austrian-, European-) (Details)
  • 5112 European law (Details)