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Learning from the future und digitales Future Lab (2020-2021) (Details)
Validation of Prior Learning und das Netz der Kompetenzen (2020-2021) (Details)
COST Action CA19134 - Distributed Knowledge Graphs (2020-2024) (Details)
PENNI - Policy Enabled Next geNeration Internet (2020-2022) (Details)
ODArchive – Creating an archive for structured data from Open Data Portals (2020-2020) (Details)
Consent reqUest fRamEwork (CURE) (2019-2020) (Details)
Reducing Cogntive Errors (2019-2020) (Details)
KnowGraphs - Knowledge Graphs at Scale (2019-2023) (Details)
AI@WORK - Human Centered AI in Digitized Working Environments (2019-2020) (Details)
Erasmus+ BPM Org Theory (2019-2021) (Details)
Flow Language (2019-2020) (Details)
Entwicklung einer Schnittstelle für das Netz der Kompetenzen (NdK) zu einem neuen Unternehmensqualifikationsgesetz (2019-2020) (Details)
ERP4Cloud (2019-2020) (Details)
Semantische Suche in Rechtsinformationen (2018-2019) (Details)
Linked Legal Information for Citizens (2018-2019) (Details)
Validierung NdK (2018-2020) (Details)
Relationship between the ‘personal ideal self’ and the ‘ideal organizational self’ (2018-2021) (Details)
EXPloring opportunities and challenges for Emerging personal DaTa Ecosystems: Empowering humans in the age of the GDPR (2018-2020) (Details)
Privacy Aspects for Data Analytics in Industrial Automation Environments in the context of the European general Data Protection GDPR (2018-2019) (Details)
NdK - Netz der Kompetenzen (2018-2020) (Details)
Digital Skill Tracker (2018-2019) (Details)
Bewertung Unternehmensqualifikation (2018-2018) (Details)
A Method for Facilitating Process Exploration (2018-2020) (Details)
Cyber-Physical Social Systems for City-wide Infrastructures (2017-2020) (Details)
Incentivising Open Data Exploration through Needs Management (2017-2018) (Details)
IAGF - eine lernende Organisation (2017-2021) (Details)
Process- and Resource-Aware Information Systems (2017-2019) (Details)
Business Process Optimization Toolkit (2017-2018) (Details)
Strategieentwicklung mit innovativem organisationalem Lernen (2017-2017) (Details)
International Semantic Web Conference 2017 (2017-2017) (Details)
SPECIAL - Scalable Policy-awarE linked data arChitecture for prIvacy, trAnsparency and compLiance (2017-2019) (Details)
Open Data for Local Communities (2016-2019) (Details)
DALICC - Data Licenses Clearance Centre (2016-2019) (Details)
Big Data, Innovation und Datenschutz (2016-2017) (Details)
BKA: Alternative Texterstellung E-Recht (2016-2017) (Details)
WKO 2025 (2016-2016) (Details)
Developing a vision and guiding principles for the year 2030 in Andernach (2016-2017) (Details)
Participatory Learning Organization (2016-2017) (Details)
PROPEL: Propelling the potential of Enterprise Linked Data in Austria (2015-2016) (Details)
Infinica Field Force 3 (2015-2016) (Details)
ADEQUATe: Analytics & Data Enrichment to improve the QUAliTy of Open Data (2015-2018) (Details)
Baningo (2015-2016) (Details)
Innovative organizational learning (2015-2016) (Details)
Graphsense - Realtime Anomaly Detection in Virtual and Non-Virtual Currency Networks (2015-2017) (Details)
RISE_BPM (2015-2019) (Details)
BTO (2015-2017) (Details)
SEMANTiCS 2015 (2015-2015) (Details)
Querying Archives of Dynamic Linked Open Data (2015-2017) (Details)
RISearch - Search optimization for RIS (2015-2015) (Details)
Infinica Field Force 2 (2014-2015) (Details)
Learning from the future for the school of the future using BEWEXTRA (2014-2015) (Details)
Text2Control (2014-2015) (Details)
Safety-critical Human- and dAta-centric Process management in Engineering projects (SHAPE) (2014-2017) (Details)
OpenData@WU (2014-2015) (Details)
Train Transnational (2014-2015) (Details)
SPARQL Evaluations and Extensions (kurz: SEE): Subproject XSPARQL, SPARQL Update & Linked Data (2014-2015) (Details)
Open City Data Pipeline - Study on the collection of open city data (2014-2015) (Details)
Cultural Differences and BPM Success (2014-2014) (Details)
Infinica Field Force (2013-2014) (Details)
Study Processlibrary (2013-2014) (Details)
Sensor-Enabled Real-World Awareness for Management Information Systems (2013-2017) (Details)
uComp (Embedded Human Computation for Knowledge Extraction and Evaluation) (2012-2015) (Details)
European Wide Service Platform for Green European Transportation (2012-2015) (Details)
Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources (2011-2013) (Details)
Feasibility-Study Research-Cluster (Details)
High Acceptance Multi Criteria Decision Making (2010-2012) (Details)
Climate Change Collaboratory (2010-2011) (Details)
Learning from the future (Details)
(2010-2010) (Details)
knowledge-based vision development in a regional context in St.Andrä/Wördern (Details)
(2009-2010) (Details)
E-Learn_Lang_10Min (Details)
Gradient of moving averages (2009-2009) (Details)
The Application of E-Learning Systems to Encourage Equal Opportunities between Women and Men on the Labour Market (Details)
Learning Foreign Languages by the Use of Modern Technologies (Details)
RAVEN - Relation Analysis and Visualization for Enterprise Networks (2008-2010) (Details)
Studies on Language Processing (2007-2008) (Details)
Parallel Computing for the Calculation of Pension Liabilities according to International Accounting Standards (Details)
IDIOM - Information Diffusion Across Interactive Online Media (2006-2008) (Details)
FLOSSMETRICS (2006-2009) (Details)
Public IT Assessment Framework (2006-2008) (Details)
AVALON - Akquisition und Validierung von Ontologien (2006-2008) (Details)
Evaluation and Selection of ERP Systems in Austrian and British Enterprises (ERP04) (2004-2005) (Details)
A computational environment for mining association rules and frequent item sets in R (2004-2008) (Details)
Instruments for IS-Controlling (ISCO) (2003-2004) (Details)
Free/Open Source Software Development (2002-2004) (Details)
ERP03: Adoption decision, evaluation and selection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in small-to-medium sized enterprises (2002-2003) (Details)
Digital libraries (2001-2005) (Details)
Automatic recommender systems for education providers (2001-2003) (Details)
Personalisierung und digitale Bibliothek für die VU (Virtual University) (1999-2000) (Details)
Study of the software industry (1999-2000) (Details)
Applications for three dimensional digital image analysis in Bio-Computing (3DMorph) (1999-2003) (Details)
The decision making process concerning investments in ERP software (1998-1999) (Details)
Virtual university (1998-1999) (Details)
Software project modelling (1998-1999) (Details)
Evaluation of business process improvements (1997-1999) (Details)
Any time-computing and utility (1997-2001) (Details)
The integration of the time dimension in the relational data model (1997-1999) (Details)