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Bilal Barakat

PD Dr.phil. Bilal Barakat
+43 1 31336 5535
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Journal article

2017 Barakat, Bilal, Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus. 2017. Credit where credit is due: an approach to education returns based on Shapley values. Education Economics 25 (5), 533-541. (Details)
2014 Barakat, Bilal, Basten, Stuart. 2014. Quantifying the Prospects for Consanguineous Marriage When Fertility Declines. Demographic Research 30 (9): 277-312. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal. 2014. A ‘Recipe for Depopulation’? School Closures and Local Population Decline in Saxony. Population, Space and Place, 21, 735-753. (Details)
2013 Barakat, Bilal, Durham, Rachel Elise, Guimar\~aes, Rodrigues. 2013. Age Compositional Adjustments for Educational Participation Indicators. Population 68 (4): 607-626. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal, Durham, Rachel Elise. 2013. Unskilled Mayors and Graduate Farmers: Educational Fertility Differentials by Occupational Status and Industry in Six European Countries'. Demographic Research 28 (42): 1213-62. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal and Durham, Rachel Elise. 2013. Drop-out mayors and graduate farmers: Educational fertility differentials by occupational status and industry in six European countries. Demographic Research 28 (42): S. 1213-1262. open access (Details)
2012 Barakat, Bilal. 2012. A Second Look at School-Life Expectancy. International Journal of Educational Development 32 (4): 564-574. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal. 2012. Review of "Trajectories of Education in the Arab World: Legacies and Challenges" ed. by Osama Abi-Mershed. Compare 42 (3): 549-551. (Details)
2010 KC, Samir, Barakat, Bilal, Goujon, Anne, Skirbekk, Vegard, Lutz, Wolfgang. 2010. Projection of Populations by Level of Educational Attainment, Age and Sex for 120 Countries for 2005--2050. Demographic Research 22 (15): 383-472. (Details)
2009 Barakat, Bilal. 2009. Review of "Economic development, education and transnational corporations" by Mark Hanson. Comparative Education 45 (1): 131-140. (Details)
2008 Barakat, Bilal. 2008. Education and Intra-alliance Conflict: Contrasting and Comparing Popular Struggles in Apartheid South Africa and Palestine. Research in Comparative and International Education 3 (1): 5-18. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal. 2008. Review of "The Emergence of a Palestinian Globalized Elite: Donors, International Organizations and Local NGOs" by Sari Hanafi and Linda Tabar. Journal of Refugee Studies 20 (1): 154-156. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2015 Barakat, Bilal. Forthcoming. Education trends in India: Recent census results in context. In: 40% of the World: Population Change, Human Capital and Development in Asia’s Three Demographic Giants, Hrsg. Jones, Gavin and Guilmoto, Christophe, Springer. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal, Carson, D, Taylor, A, Basu, R, Wang, L. 2015. Education, Remoteness and Population Dynamics. In: Demography at the Edge: Remote human populations in developed nations, Hrsg. Carson, D and Rasmussen, R and Ensign, P. C. and Taylor, A. and Huskey, L, 225-270. Farnham: Ashgate. (Details)
2014 Barakat, Bilal, Durham, Rachel Elise, , . 2014. Future Education Trends. In: World Population and Human Capital in the 21st Century, Hrsg. Lutz, W. and Butz, W. and KC, S., 397-433. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Details)
2012 Skirbekk, Vegard, Loichinger, Elke, Barakat, Bilal, , . 2012. The Aging of the Workforce in European Countries: Demographic Trends, Retirement Projections, and Retirement Policies. In: The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging, Hrsg. Hedge, J.W. and Borman, W.C., 60-79. New York: Oxford University Press. (Details)
2009 Barakat, Bilal. 2009. Deepening the divide: The differential impact of protracted conflict on TVET vs academic education in Palestine. In: International Handbook of Education for the Changing World of Work, Hrsg. Maclean, R and Wilson, D, 799-812. Dordrecht: Springer. (Details)
2007 Barakat, Bilal. 2007. The Struggle for Palestinian National Education Past and Present. In: Aspects of Education in the Middle East and North Africa, Hrsg. Brock, C. and Levers, L., 185-208. Oxford: Symposion. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2016 Barakat, Bilal, Bengtsson, Stephanie, Muttarak, Raya, Kebede, Endale Birhanu. 2016. Education & the Sustainable Development Goals . Background paper prepared for the 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report. (Details)
2014 Barakat, Bilal. 2014. Improving Adult Literacy Without Improving The Literacy of Adults? A Cross-National Analysis of Adult Literacy From a Cohort Perspective. Background report for the 2015 Education for all (EFA) Global Monitoring Report (GMR). (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal. 2014. Revisiting the History of Fertility Concentration and its Measurement. Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) Working Paper 01/14. (Details)
2011 Barakat, Bilal. 2011. Time is Money: Could Deferred Graduate Retirement Finance Higher Education?. Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) Working Paper 05/11. (Details)
2010 Goujon, Anne, Barakat, Bilal. 2010. Future Demographic Challenges in the Arab World. The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), United Arab Emirates, Occasional Paper Number 75. (Details)
  Barakat, Bilal, Holler, J, Prettner, Klaus, Schuster, Julia. 2010. The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Labour and Education in Europe. Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) Working Paper 06/10. (Details)


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