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Romana Zeilinger

Mag.phil. Romana Zeilinger M.A.
+43 1 31336 4069
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Awards and Honors

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  • 6605 English language and literature (Details)


  • CerTEB (Certificate of Teaching English for Business)
  • LSE: Marketing (summer course)


Membership in scientific association
  1999-2010 Österreichische Gesellschaft von Universitätslehrern für Anglistik und Amerikanistik / Austrian Association of University Teachers of English (AAUTE)
  1998-2010 International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)
  1995-2010 Teachers of English in Austria (TEA)
Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2010 IATEFL Harrogate; zusammen mit Pre-Conference on TEA (Testing, Evaluation, Assessment); 7.4.-10.4.2010 - Conference attendance


Journal article

1998 Zeilinger, Romana. 1998. Christiane Dalton-Puffer and Gertraud Havranek: workshop on the development of new curricula (Studienpläne) for trainee teachers of English. ELT News, nb.36 (June 1998), 73-74Sonst (Details)
  Zeilinger, Romana (with Herles, Martin, Beer, Alexander). 1998. There is life outside our university!. ELT News, nb. 36 (June 1998), 40-46 (Details)

Book or article review

1999 Zeilinger, Romana. 1999. Banking English by Julie Pratten, Delta Publishing, 1997. In ELT News, nb. 37 (Feb. 1999), 123 (Details)
  Zeilinger, Romana. 1999. First Class in Banking by John and Jean McGovern, Prentice Hall, 1998. In: ELT News, nb. 37 (Feb. 1999), 124 (Details)
1998 Zeilinger, Romana. 1998. Build Your Business Grammar by Tim Bowen, LTP 1997. In: ELT News, nb.36 (June 1998), 121 (Details)
  Zeilinger, Romana. 1998. Test Your Business English (4 vols: Intermediate, Finance, Secretarial, Accounting) by Steve Flinders, Simon Sweeney, Alison Pohl, Penguin 1997 (series editor: Nick Brieger, series developed by Peter Watcyn-Jones). In: ELT News, nb.36 (June 1998), 121-122 (Details)

Lecture notes/article in lecture notes

2014 Gasser, Werner, Landsmann, Lauren, Raab, Michael, Ross, Christopher, Zeilinger, Romana. 2014. EBC 2. Fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation 2 - Englisch. Wien: MBS. (Details)
2007 Gasser, Werner, Raab, Michael, Ross, Christopher, Zeilinger, Romana. 2007. . English Business Communication 2 (EBC2). Wien: MBS. (Details)
2002 Ozvalda, Margit / Raab, Michael / Zeilinger, Romana. 2002. Englische Wirtschaftskommunikation I (WIKO I). Management Book Service (Details)


2000 Zeilinger, Romana, Lach, Karin. 2000. Certificate in Teaching English For Business (CerTEB) at the Business Language Centre in Vienna from August 21 to August 27, 1999. Trainer: Mark Powell. English Language Teaching News (=ELTnews), nb. 41, June (Details)


English business communication I (2000-2002) (Details)