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Gabriel Felbermayr

Univ.Prof. Dr. Gabriel Felbermayr
+43 1 31336 5440
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Journal article

2021 Felbermayr, Gabriel, Yotov, Yoto V. 2021. From theory to policy with gravitas: A solution to the mystery of the excess trade balances. European Economic Review. 139 (Details)
  Felbermayr, Gabriel, Okubo, Toshihiro. 2021. Individual preferences on trade liberalization: evidence from a Japanese household survey. Review of World Economics. (Details)
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2020 Felbermayr, Gabriel, Hinz, Julian, Chowdhry, Sonali. 2020. Après-ski: The Spread of Coronavirus from Ischgl through Germany. Covid Economics. 22 177-204. (Details)
  Felbermayr, Gabriel, Görg, Holger. 2020. Die Folgen von Covid-19 für die Globalisierung. Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik. 21 (3), 263-272. (Details)
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  Felbermayr, Gabriel, Kirilakha, Aleksandra, Syropoulos, Constantinos, Yalcin, Erdal, Yotov, Yoto V. 2020. The global sanctions data base. European Economic Review. 129 (Details)
  Felbermayr, Gabriel, Sandkamp, Alexander. 2020. The trade effects of anti-dumping duties: Firm-level evidence from China. European Economic Review. 122 (Details)
2019 Felbermayr, Gabriel, Kimura, Fukunari, Okubo, Toshihiro, Steininger, Marina. 2019. Quantifying the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Journal of the Japanese and International Economies. 51 110-128. (Details)
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  Braml, Martin T., Felbermayr, Gabriel. 2019. What Do We Really Know about the Transatlantic Current Account? CESifo Economic Studies. 65 (3), 255-274. (Details)
2018 Felbermayr, Gabriel, Impullitti, Giammario, Prat, Julien. 2018. Firm Dynamics and Residual Inequality in Open Economies. Journal of the European Economic Association. 16 (5), 1476-1539. (Details)
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2017 Battisti, Michele, Peri, Giovanni, Poutvaara, Panu, Felbermayr, Gabriel. 2017. Immigration, Search and Redistribution: A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare. Journal of the European Economic Association. 16 (4), 1137-1188. (Details)
  Felbermayr, Gabriel, Gröschl, Jasmin, Steinwachs, Thomas. 2017. The Trade Effects of Border Controls: Evidence from the European Schengen Agreement. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies. 56 (2), 335-351. (Details)


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