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Dominika Langenmayr

Prof. Dr. Dominika Langenmayr
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Journal article

2020 Langenmayr, Dominika, Holtmann, Svea, Reiter, Franz. 2020. Avoiding taxes: banks’ use of internal debt. International Tax and Public Finance. open access (Details)
  Koch, Reinald, Langenmayr, Dominika. 2020. Der steuerliche Umgang mit Verlusten: Reformoptionen für die Corona-Krise. Wirtschaftsdienst. 100 367-373. open access (Details)
2017 Langenmayr, Dominika. 2017. Steuerflucht — ein (lösbares?) Problem. Wirtschaftsdienst. 97 830-831. (Details)
  Langenmayr, Dominika, Lester, Rebecca. 2017. Taxation and Corporate Risk-Taking. Accounting Review. 93 237-266. (Details)
  Langenmayr, Dominika. 2017. Voluntary disclosure of evaded taxes — Increasing revenue, or increasing incentives to evade? Journal of Public Economics. 151 110-125. (Details)
2015 Langenmayr, Dominika. 2015. Limiting Profit Shifting in a Model with Heterogeneous Firm Productivity. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy. 15 1657-1677. (Details)
  Langenmayr, Dominika, Haufler, Andreas, Bauer, Christian. 2015. Should tax policy favor high- or low-productivity firms? European Economic Review. 73 18-34. (Details)


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