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Alexander Engelmann

Mag. Alexander Engelmann
+43 1 31336 5131
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Journal article

2020 Engelmann, Alexander, Kump, Barbara, Schweiger, Christina. 2020. Clarifying the Dominant Logic Construct by Disentangling and Reassembling its Dimensions. International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR). 22 323-355. open access (Details)
2019 Kump, Barbara, Engelmann, Alexander, Keßler, Alexander, Schweiger, Christina. 2019. Toward a dynamic capabilities scale: measuring organizational sensing, seizing, and transforming capacities. Industrial and Corporate Change (ICC). 28 (5), 1149-1172. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2021 Reischauer, Georg, Engelmann, Alexander, Gawer, Annabelle, Hoffmann, Werner H. 2021. Coopetitive Dynamics Between Incumbent Innovation Ecosystems and Challenger Platform Ecosystems. SMS Annual Conference, Toronto, Kanada, 15.09-23.09. (Details)
2020 Reischauer, Georg, Engelmann, Alexander, Hoffmann, Werner H., Gawer, Annabelle. 2020. Cooperating and competing in multiple platform ecosystems. SMS 40th Annual Conference, Minneapolis, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 26.10-30.10. (Details)
  Engelmann, Alexander, Ortiz, Daniela. 2020. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ Adoption of CSR Standards and Guidelines: An Exploration of specific Drivers in Austrian Firms. Annual British Academy of Management Conference, Virtual, Großbritannien, 05.09.-07.09. (Details)
2019 Engelmann, Alexander, Kump, Barbara, Schweiger, Christina. 2019. A literature review on an unfinished tale: Definitions and investigations of the Dominant Logic. 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 09.08.-13.08. (Details)
2016 Engelmann, Alexander, Kump, Barbara, Keßler, Alexander, Schweiger, Christina. 2016. Towards a dynamic capabilities scale: Measuring sensing, seizing, and transforming capacities. 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM), Anaheim, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 05.08.-10.08. (Details)


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