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Lea Katharina Reiss

Lea Katharina Reiss M.Sc.
+43 1 31336 5130
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since 2019
Research and Teaching Associate

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Journal article

2021 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Kozhevnikov, Andrew, Muhr, Sara Louise. 2021. Between Vulnerability and Resistance: How a Woman Copes with Dramatic Implications of COVID-19 in Russia. Gender, Work & Organization. 28 (2), 574-586. open access (Details)
  Clar, Maria, Muhr, Sara Louise, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Storm, Kai. 2021. Unconscious bias in organizations: Discriminatory forces at work. Women, Gender and Research. 3 5-10. open access (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Steinbereithner, Martin, Rapp, Marco Leander, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Zellhofer, Dominik. 2021. Religion and career success. A country-comparative study. In: Reimagining Faith and Management. The Impact of Faith in the Workplace, Hrsg. Pio, E., Kilpatrick, R., Pratt, T. 17-31. London: Routledge. (Details)
  Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Pernkopf, Katharina, Reiss, Lea Katharina. 2021. Self-initiated expatriates at different life and career stages: The meaning of families and their impact on the expatriation and repatriation experiences of self-initiated expatriates. In: Self-Initiated Expatriates in Context. Recognizin Space, Time, and Context, Hrsg. Maike Andresen, 110-133. New York and London: Routledge. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2021 Rapp, Marco Leander, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Bosak, Janine, Goštautaite, Bernadeta, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang. 2021. Divine occupation? Religious practices and work engagement across different contexts. VHB Kommission Personalwirtschaft Herbstworkshop, Düsseldorf, Deutschland, 16.09-17.09. (Details)
2020 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Schiffinger, Michael, Rapp, Marco Leander, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang. 2020. Intersectional inequality at all times? A longitudinal two-cohort study of class and gender based income disparities in careers. EGOS Annual Meeting (virtual), Hamburg, Deutschland, 02.07.-04.07. (Details)
  Reiss, Lea Katharina, Schiffinger, Michael, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Rapp, Marco Leander. 2020. Intersectionality Effects of Socioeconomic Origin and Gender on Careers: Looking at Women of Lower Socioeconomic Origins. 1st Careers Division Community Conference, Vienna, Österreich, 14.02.-15.02. (Details)
  Reiss, Lea Katharina, Schiffinger, Michael, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Rapp, Marco Leander. 2020. Social Inequalities in Careers: Effects of Social Class Origin and Gender on Career Success. Academy of Management Annual Meeting (virtual), Vancouver, Kanada, 07.08.-11.08. (Details)
  Lazarova, Mila, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Cotton, Rick, De Vos, Ans, Dimitrova, Mihaela, Dysvik, Anders, Forrier, Anneleen, Gunz, Hugh, Kozhevnikov, Andrew, Louisgrand, Nathalie, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Shaffer, Margaret, Dickmann, Michael, Casado, Tania. 2020. Teaching about Careers in Turbulent Times. 1st Careers Division Community Conference, Vienna, Österreich, 14.2.-15.2. (Details)
2019 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Schiffinger, Michael, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang. 2019. A counterintuitive twist to intersectionality in careers: interfering effects of socioeconomic origin and gender on income disparities. AKempor Annual Meeting, Hamburg, Deutschland, 26.09. (Details)


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