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Victor Wegner Maus

Dr. Victor Wegner Maus
+43 1 31336 6176
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Journal article

2021 Luckeneder, Sebastian, Giljum, Stefan, Schaffartzik, Anke, Wegner Maus, Victor, Tost, Michael. 2021. Surge in global metal mining threatens vulnerable ecosystems. Global Environmental Change. 69 102303 open access (Details)
2020 Wegner Maus, Victor, Giljum, Stefan, Gutschlhofer, Jakob, da Silva, Dieison M., Probst, Michael, Gass, Sidnei L.B., Luckeneder, Sebastian, Lieber, Mirko, McCallum, Ian. 2020. A global-scale data set of mining areas. Scientific Data. 7 (1) open access (Details)
2019 Wegner Maus, Victor, Camara, Gilberto, Appel, Marius, Pebesma, Edzer. 2019. dtwSat: Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis in R. Journal of Statistical Software. 88 (5), 1-31. open access (Details)
  Bruckner, Martin, Wood, Richard, Moran, Daniel, Kuschnig, Nikolas, Wieland, Hanspeter, Wegner Maus, Victor, Börner, Jan. 2019. FABIO—The Construction of the Food and Agriculture Biomass Input–Output Model. Environmental Science and Technology. 53 (19), 11302-11312. open access (Details)
  Bruckner, Martin, Häyhä, Tiina, Wegner Maus, Victor, Giljum, Stefan, Fischer, Günther, Tramberend, Sylvia, Börner, Jan. 2019. Quantifying the global cropland footprint of the European Union’s non-food bioeconomy. Environmental Research Letters. 14 (4), 045011 open access (Details)
  Stanimirova, Radost, Arévalo, Paulo, Kaufmann, Robert K., Wegner Maus, Victor, Lesiv, Myroslava, Havlík, Petr, Friedl, Mark A. 2019. Sensitivity of global pasturelands to climate variation. Earth's Future. 7 (12), 1353-1366. open access (Details)
2018 Hadi, Hadi, Krasovskii, Andrey, Wegner Maus, Victor, Yowargana, Ping, Pietsch, Stephan, Rautiainen, Miina. 2018. Monitoring Deforestation in Rainforests Using Satellite Data: A Pilot Study from Kalimantan, Indonesia. Forests, 9 (7), open access (Details)
2017 See, Linda, Wegner Maus, Victor. 2017. LACO-Wiki: A New Online Land Cover Validation Tool Demonstrated Using GlobeLand30 for Kenya. Remote Sensing, 9, (7) open access (Details)
  Wegner Maus, Victor. 2017. Production of docosahexaenoic acid by Aurantiochytrium sp. ATCC PRA-276. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, 48, (2), 359-365. open access (Details)
2016 Wegner Maus, Victor. 2016. A Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping Method for Land-Use and Land-Cover Mapping. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 9, (8), 3729-3739. (Details)
2015 See, Linda, Wegner Maus, Victor. 2015. Building a hybrid land cover map with crowdsourcing and geographically weighted regression. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 103, 48-56. (Details)
  Wegner Maus, Victor. 2015. Open boundary dynamic time warping for satellite image time series classification. 2015 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2019 Bruckner, Martin, Kuschnig, Nikolas, Wegner Maus, Victor, Gutschlhofer, Jakob. 2019. Global supply chains in the bioeconomy. ESEE Conference, Turku, Finnland, 18.06.-21.06. (Details)
  Bruckner, Martin, Kuschnig, Nikolas, Wegner Maus, Victor, Gutschlhofer, Jakob. 2019. Tracing Brazilian cattle supply chains with a hybrid MRIO model. GPL Open Science Meeting, Bern, Schweiz, 24.04.-26.04. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2019 Bruckner, Martin, Wood, Richard, Moran, Daniel, Kuschnig, Nikolas, Wieland, Hanspeter, Wegner Maus, Victor. 2019. FABIO - The Construction of the Food and Agriculture Biomass Input-Output Model. open access (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2020 Tsendbazar, Nandin-Erdene, Tarko, Agnieszka, Li, Linlin, Herold, Martin, Lesiv, Myroslava, Fritz, Steffen, Wegner Maus, Victor. 2020. Copernicus Global Land Service: Land Cover 100m: version 3 Globe 2015-2019: Validation Report. Geneve:Copernicus. (Details)


Coal Mine Mapping (2021-2021) (Details)
FINEPRINT (Spatially explicit material footprints: Fine-scale assessment of Europe's global environmental and social impacts) (2017-2022) (Details)