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Louison Cahen-Fourot

Dr. Louison Cahen-Fourot
+43 1 31336 4896
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Journal article

2020 Cahen-Fourot, Louison. 2020. Contemporary capitalisms and their social relation to the environment. Ecological Economics. 172 (Details)
  Cahen-Fourot, Louison, Campiglio, Emanuele, Dawkins, Elena, Godin, Antoine, Kemp-Benedict, Eric. 2020. Looking for the Inverted Pyramid: An Application Using Input-Output Networks. Ecological Economics. 169 (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2020 Cahen-Fourot, Louison, Magalhães, Nelo. 2020. Matter and regulation: socio-metabolic and accumulation regimes of French capitalism since 1948. open access (Details)
2019 Cahen-Fourot, Louison, Campiglio, Emanuele, Elena, Dawkins, Antoine, Godin, Eric, Kemp-Benedikt. 2019. Capital stranding cascades: The impact of decarbonisation on productive asset utilisation. (Details)
  Cahen-Fourot, Louison, Campiglio, Emanuele, Dawkins, Elena, Godin, Antoine, Kemp-Benedikt, Eric. 2019. Looking for the inverted pyramid: An application using input-output networks. open access (Details)
  Cahen-Fourot, Louison. 2019. The social relation to the environment in contemporary capitalism: theoretical reflections and empirical explorations. open access (Details)


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