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Mariya Teteryatnikova

Dr. Mariya Teteryatnikova
About me:
**Education:** * European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy [09/2005 - 01/2010] Ph.D. in Economics * Charles University (CERGE-EI), Prague, Czech Republic [06/2003 - 08/2005] MA in Economics (diploma) (with New York State accreditation) * St-Petersburg State University, Russia [09/1998 - 06/2003] MSc in Mathematics (diploma of honors) **Research Interests:** Applied Game and Network Theory, Industrial Organization, International Economics **Publications** “Horizontal Product Differentiation: Disclosure and Competition”, with Maarten C. W. Janssen, forthcoming in the Journal of Industrial Economics “Systemic Risk in Banking Networks: Advantages of "Tiered" Banking Systems”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 47 (2014), 186–210 **Working Papers** “R&D in Trade Networks: The Role of Asymmetry” “Cautious Farsighted Stability in Network Formation Games with Streams of Payoffs” “Mystifying but Not Misleading: When does Political Ambiguity Not Confuse Voters?”, with Maarten C. W. Janssen “Myopic and Farsighted Stability in Network Formation Games: An Experimental Study”, with James Tremewan “Income Differences and Input-Output Structure”, with Harald Fadinger and Christian Ghiglino “A Model of Social Networks and Migration Decisions” “Does the Growth in Higher Education Mean a Decline in the Quality of Degrees? The Role of Economic Incentives to Increase College Enrolment Rates”, with Anna-Elisabeth Thum and Miroslav Beblavy, CEPS Working Paper No. 405, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels. **Work in Progress** “Education Standards and Employment Outcomes” (provisional title) “Banking and the Business Cycle” (provisional title), with Christian Roessler "Exit in Gasoline Market" (provisional title), with Dieter Pennerstorfer and Christoph Weiss
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since 2016
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Journal article

2019 Teteryatnikova, Mariya, Tremewan, James. 2019. Myopic and Farsighted Stability in Network Formation Games: An Experimental Study. Economic Theory. open access (Details)
2018 Teteryatnikova, Mariya. 2018. R&D in trade networks: The role of asymmetry. International Journal of Industrial Organization. 61 307-350. (Details)
2017 Janssen, Maarten, Teteryatnikova, Mariya. 2017. Mystifying but Not Misleading: When does Political Ambiguity Not Confuse Voters? Public Choice. 172 (3-4), 501-524. (Details)
2016 Janssen, Maarten C. W. , Teteryatnikova, Mariya. 2016. Horizontal Product Differentiation: Disclosure and Competition. Journal of Industrial Economics 64 (4), 589-620. (Details)
2014 Teteryatnikova, Mariya. 2014. Systemic risk in banking networks: Advantages of “tiered” banking systems. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 47, 186-210. (Details)


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