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Ursula Lutzky

Assoz.Prof. Priv.Doz.Dr. Ursula Lutzky
+43 1 31336 4715
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Senior Lecturer and BA English Course Director
Lecturer and Research Assistant

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ESSE Book Award in English Language and Linguistics


  • 6604 Applied linguistics (Details)
  • 6606 Diachronic linguistics (Details)
  • 6611 Linguistics (Details)
  • 6625 Technical language studies (Details)
  • 6633 Computational linguistics (Details)
  • 6643 Synchronic linguistics (Details)


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Reviewer for scientific organization
  2017 University of Leuven
Membership in scientific association
  since 2016 Poetics and Linguistics Association
  since 2016 Linguists for Business Research Initiative
  since 2016 International Pragmatics Association
  since 2016 British Association for Applied Linguistics
  since 2016 Austrian Association for University Teachers of English
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  2018 Journal of Pragmatics
  2018 Journal of Corpus Pragmatics
  2018 Discourse, Context & Media
  2017 Journal of English Linguistics
  2016 Early Modern Literary Studies
Invitation to Research Seminar
  2018 PR Verband Austria - Guest lecture
  2018 Linnaeus University - Guest lecture
  2017 Universität Augsburg - Guest lecture
Reviewer for a series
  2018 Edinburgh University Press
  2017 Routledge
Reviewer for an international conference
  2018 International Pragmatics Association - Reviewing abstracts
  2016 International Pragmatics Association - Reviewing abstracts
Organization scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2020 Association for Business Communication
  2018 Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - Workshop "Business Communication East and West"
Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2021 Vienna University of Economics and Business - Presentation
  2021 The Ohio State University - Presentation
  2021 Association for Business Communication - Presentation
  2019 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Presentation
  2019 KU Leuven - Presentation
  2019 Bamberg University - Presentation
  2018 University of Alcalá - Presentation
  2018 Ghent University - Presentation
  2018 Georgia State University - Presentation
  2017 Ulster University - Panel organisation
  2017 Ghent University - Presentation
  2017 Charles University Prague - Presentation
  2017 Aston University - Presentation and Panel organisation
  2016 Universität Duisburg Essen - Presentation
  2016 Mid Sweden University - Presentation
  2016 Chinese University of Hong Kong - Presentation
Other scientific activities
  2018 University of Uppsala - Opponent at Licentiate Thesis


Book (monograph)

2021 Lutzky, Ursula. 2021. The Discourse of Customer Service Tweets. London: Bloomsbury Academic. (Details)
2012 Lutzky, Ursula. 2012. Discourse Markers in Early Modern English. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Details)

Journal article

2021 Lutzky, Ursula. 2021. "You keep saying you are sorry". Exploring the use of sorry in customer communication on Twitter. Discourse, Context & Media. 39 (Details)
2019 Lutzky, Ursula. 2019. "But it is not prov'd": A sociopragmatic study of the discourse marker but in the Early Modern English courtroom. Journal of Historical Pragmatics. 20 (1), 1-19. (Details)
  Lutzky, Ursula, Lawson, Robert. 2019. Gender Politics and Discourses of #mansplaining, #manspreading, and #manterruption on Twitter. Social Media + Society. 5 (3) open access (Details)
2018 Lutzky, Ursula, Gee, Matt. 2018. 'I just found your blog'. The pragmatics of initiating comments on blog posts. Journal of Pragmatics. 129 173-184. (Details)
2017 Lutzky, Ursula, Kehoe, Andrew. 2017. "Oops, I didn't mean to be so flippant". A corpus pragmatic analysis of apologies in blog data. Journal of Pragmatics, 116, 27-36. (Details)
  Lutzky, Ursula, Kehoe, Andrew. 2017. 'I apologise for my poor blogging': Searching for apologies in the Birmingham Blog Corpus. Corpus Pragmatics, 1 (1), 37-56. open access (Details)
2016 Lutzky, Ursula, Kehoe, Andrew. 2016. "Your blog is (the) shit". A corpus linguistic approach to the identification of swearing in computer mediated communication. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 21 (2), 165-191. open access (Details)
  Lutzky, Ursula. 2016. Exploring the characterisation of social ranks in Early Modern English comedies. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, 17, (Details)
  Lutzky, Ursula, Mazzon, Gabriella, Nevala, Minna, Suhr, Carla. 2016. From fact to fiction: Exploring the potential of pragmatic and stylistic analyses in the history of English. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, 17, (Details)
  Lawson, Robert, Lutzky, Ursula. 2016. Not getting a word in edgeways? Language, gender, and identity in a British comedy panel show . Discourse, Context & Media, 13, 143-153. (Details)
2013 Lutzky, Ursula, Demmen, Jane. 2013. Pray in Early Modern English drama. Journal of Historical Pragmatics, 14 (2), 263-284. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2022 Lutzky, Ursula. 2022. Using corpus linguistics to study online data. In: Research Methods for Digital Discourse Analysis, Hrsg. Camilla Vásquez, 219-236. London: Bloomsbury Academic. (Details)
2020 Lutzky, Ursula. 2020. Digital media and business communication. In: The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Approaches to Discourse Analysis, Hrsg. Eric Friginal and Jack A. Hardy, 394-407. London: Routledge. (Details)
2019 Lutzky, Ursula, Kehoe, Andrew. 2019. 'Friends don't let friends go Brexiting without a mandate': changing discourses of Brexit in The Guardian. In: Discourses of Brexit, Hrsg. Veronika Koller, Susanne Kopf and Marlene Miglbauer, 104-120. Oxon: Routledge. (Details)
  Nevala, Minna, Lutzky, Ursula. 2019. Pragmatic explorations of reference and identity in public discourses. In: Reference and Identity in Public Discourses, Hrsg. Ursula Lutzky and Minna Nevala, 1-16. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Details)
2015 Lutzky, Ursula. 2015. Quotations in Early Modern English witness depositions. In: The Pragmatics of Quoting Now and Then, Hrsg. Arendholz, Jenny, Bublitz, Wolfram and Kirner, Monika , 343-367. Berlin: De Gruyter. (Details)
2013 Lutzky, Ursula. 2013. Early Modern English discourse markers - a feature of female speech? In: Historical Perspectives on Forms of English Dialogue, Hrsg. Mazzon, Gabriella and Fodde, Luisanna , 80-98. Naples: Franco Angeli Editore. (Details)
2012 Lutzky, Ursula. 2012. Why and what in Early Modern English drama. In: Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics: a Multi-Dimensional Approach, Hrsg. Markus, Manfred, Iyeiri, Yoko and Heuberger, Reinhard, 177-189. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Details)

Edited book (editorship)

2019 Lutzky, Ursula, Nevala, Minna, Hrsg. 2019. Reference and Identity in Public Discourses. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Details)
2016 Nevala, Minna, Lutzky, Ursula, Mazzon, Gabriella, Suhr, Carla, Hrsg. 2016. The Pragmatics and Stylistics of Identity Construction and Characterisation. Helsinki: VARIENG. (Details)
2007 Smit, Ute, Dollinger, Stefan, Hüttner, Julia, Kaltenböck, Gunther, Lutzky, Ursula, Hrsg. 2007. Tracing English through Time. Explorations in Language Variation. Vienna: Braumüller. (Details)


Discourse of customer service tweets: Trains, planes and automated text analysis. (2016-2020) (Details)