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Sabine Frerichs

Univ.Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Sabine Frerichs
+43 1 31336 5886
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Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Center "Law as Culture", University of Bonn
since 2016
Full Professor of Economic Sociology, Vienna University of Business and Economics
Visiting Lecturer at the Charles University Prague, Institute of Sociological Studies
Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law
Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute Florence, Law Department
Visiting researcher at the University of Cairo, Faculty of Economics and Political Science
Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki, Centre of Excellence "Foundations of European Law and Polity"
Research Associate / Lecturer at the University of Bamberg, Chair of Sociology II; Co-ordinator of the Research Training School "Markets and Social Systems in Europe"

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Awards and Honors

Habilitationspreis der Universität Bamberg, Hans-Löwel-Stiftung (postdoctoral dissertation award, University of Bamberg)
Postdoc-Stipendium der Finnischen Akademie (postdoctoral fellowship, Academy of Finland)
Postdoc-Stipendium der Universität Helsinki (postdoctoral fellowship, University of Helsinki)
Dissertationspreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie (dissertation award, German Sociological Association)
Dissertationspreis der Universität Bamberg, Universitätsbund Bamberg (dissertation award, University of Bamberg)
Promotionsstipendium im DFG-Graduiertenkolleg "Märkte und Sozialräume in Europa", Universität Bamberg (doctoral scholarship, University of Bamberg)



  • Macrosociology: transformation of welfare capitalism, European integration, globalisation and world society
  • Sociological theory: Classical and contemporary approaches; theory of action, institutions and society
  • Economic sociology of law: integration through law, moral economy of debt, constitution of market society


Position in jury, advisory board, curatorship
  since 2018 ERC project "Work On Demand", University of Glasgow - Advisory Panel
Position in committee for appointments
Position in internal committee for appointments
Position in internal habilitation committee
Reviewer for scientific organization
Member of the editorial board
  since 2016 Journal of Consumer Policy
Reviewer for a scientific journal
Other position in a scientific journal
  2016 European Law Journal, Special Issue - Guest Editor
Invitation to Research Seminar
  2019 Käte Hamburger Center "Law as Culture", University of Bonn
  2018 Law and Justice Across Borders, University of Amsterdam
Reviewer for a series
Reviewer for an international conference
Organization scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2019 Institute for Sociology and Social Research, WU Vienna - ‘Hardwired Sociality? How the New Behavioral Disciplines Change Our Understanding of Economic, Social, and Moral Action’
Position in administration
  since 2020 WU - Africa-Uninet Representative
Research and Teaching Stay
  2018-2019 Käte Hamburger Center "Law as Culture", University of Bonn - Fellowship


Book (monograph)

2008 Frerichs, Sabine. 2008. Judicial Governance in der europäischen Rechtsgemeinschaft: Integration durch Recht jenseits des Staates. Baden-Baden: Nomos. (Details)

Journal article

2021 Frerichs, Sabine, Losada, Fernando. 2021. The Role of Law in European Monetary Integration: A Critical Reconstruction and a Response to Klein. Global Perspectives. 2 (1), 1-12. open access (Details)
2019 Frerichs, Sabine. 2019. Bounded Sociality: Behavioural Economists’ Truncated Understanding of the Social and Its Implications for Politics. Journal of Economic Methodology. 26 (3), 243-258. open access (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2019. Karl Polanyi and the Law of Market Society. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie (ÖZS). 44 (2), 197-208. open access (Details)
2017 Sankari, Suvi, Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. From Resource to Burden: Rescaling Solidarity with Strangers in the Single Market. European Law Journal. 22 (6), 806-821. open access (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. Unravelling the European Community of Debt (Introduction to Special Issue). European Law Journal, 22 (6), 720-742. open access (Details)
2016 Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. Egypt´s Neoliberal Reforms and the Moral Economy of Bread: Sadat, Mubarak, Morsi. Review of Radical Political Economics 48 (4), 610-632. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. The Law of Market Society: A Sociology of International Economic Law and Beyond. Finnish Yearbook of International Law 23, 173-237. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine, Sankari, Suvi. 2016. Workers No Longer Welcome? Europeanization of Solidarity in the Wake of Brexit (Discussion Forum on Brexit: Understanding the Socio-Economic Origins and Consequences). Socio-Economic Review 14 (4), 840-845. open access (Details)
2013 Frerichs, Sabine. 2013. From Credit to Crisis: Max Weber, Karl Polanyi, and the Other Side of the Coin. Journal of Law and Society, 40 (1), 7-26. (Details)
  Helmy, Mohamed M., Frerichs, Sabine. 2013. Stripping the Boss: The Powerful Role of Humor in the Egyptian Revolution 2011. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science 47 (4), 450-481. (Details)
2011 Frerichs, Sabine. 2011. False Promises? A Sociological Critique of the Behavioural Turn in Law and Economics. Journal of Consumer Policy 34 (3), 289-314. (Details)
2010 Frerichs, Sabine. 2010. Zwischen Gerechtigkeit und Wahrheit: Das Rechtssubjekt in der Marktgesellschaft. Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie. 31 (2), 231-250. (Details)
2009 Frerichs, Sabine. 2009. The Legal Constitution of Market Society: Probing the Economic Sociology of Law. Economic Sociology European Electronic Newsletter 10 (3), 20-25. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine, Münch, Richard. 2009. Was die Welt(gesellschaft) im Innersten zusammenhält: Kult des Individuums und Moralisierung des Marktes. Jahrbuch für Christliche Sozialwissenschaften 50, 37-62. (Details)
2008 Frerichs, Sabine, Münch, Richard, Sander, Monika. 2008. Anomic Crime in Post-Welfarist Societies: Cult of the Individual, Integration Patterns, and Delinquency. International Journal of Conflict and Violence 2 (2), 194-214. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Frerichs, Sabine. 2021. Transnational Law and Economic Sociology. In: Oxford Handbook of Transnational Law, Hrsg. Peer Zumbansen, 67-88. Oxford: Oxford University Press. open access (Details)
2018 Frerichs, Sabine, James, Rick. 2018. Correlated Ownership: Polanyi, Commons, and the Property Continuum. In: Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law, Hrsg. Hirsch, Moshe; Lang, Andrew, 62-85. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. open access (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Fiskalische Bande: Vom nationalen Wohlfahrtsstaat zur europäischen Schuldengemeinschaft. In: Aktuelle Probleme der Finanzsoziologie: Die Fragestellungen von Rudolf Goldscheid heute, Hrsg. Haller, Max, 145-171. Wien: Lit. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Integration durch Recht. In: Europasoziologie: Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Studium, Hrsg. Bach, Maurizio; Hönig, Barbara, 151-161. Baden-Baden: Nomos. (Details)
  Helmy, Mohamed M., Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Sheherazade Says No: Artful Resistance in Contemporary Egyptian Political Cartoon. In: Street Art of Resistance, Hrsg. Awad, Sarah H.; Wagoner, Brady, 349-376. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. open access (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Transformation der Solidarität. In: Europasoziologie: Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Studium, Hrsg. Bach, Maurizio; Hönig, Barbara, 444-455. Baden-Baden: Nomos. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. What Is the 'Social' in Behavioural Economics? The Methodological Underpinnings of Governance by Nudges. In: Research Methods in Consumer Law: A Handbook, Hrsg. Hans-W. Micklitz, Anne-Lise Sibony and Fabrizio Esposito, 399-440. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. open access (Details)
2017 Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. From Social Rights to Economic Incentives? The Moral (Re)construction of Welfare Capitalism. In: Social Rights in the Welfare State: Origins and Transformations, Hrsg. Kotkas, Toomas; Veitch, Kenneth, 137-156. London: Routledge. open access (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. The Rule of the Market: Economic Constitutionalism Understood Sociologically. In: Sociological Constitutionalism, Hrsg. Blokker, Paul; Thornhill, Chris, 241-264. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. open access (Details)
2015 Frerichs, Sabine, Juutilainen, Teemu. 2015. Rome Under Seven Hills: An Archaeology of European Private Law. In: European Integration, Processes of Change and the National Experience, Hrsg. Börner, Stefanie; Eigmüller, Monika, 73-99. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2015. Taking Governance to Court: Politics, Economics, and a New Legal Realism. In: The Evolution of Intermediary Institutions in Europe: From Corporatism to Governance, Hrsg. Hartmann, Eva; Kjaer, Poul F. 157-173. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)
2014 Frerichs, Sabine. 2014. Money Matters: The Heads and Tails of Conflicts-Law Constitutionalism. In: The European Crisis and the Transformation of Transnational Governance: Authoritarian Managerialism versus Democratic Governance, Hrsg. Joerges, Christian; Glinski, Carola, 1-19. Oxford: HART Publishing. (Details)
2013 Frerichs, Sabine. 2013. Polanyi in an Hourglass: The Two Lives of a Sociological Classic. In: From Economy to Society? Perspectives on Transnational Risk Regulation (Studies in Law, Politics and Society, Vol. 26), Hrsg. Lange, Bettina; Tomas, Dania; Sarat, Austin, 25-47. Bingley: Emerald. (Details)
2012 Frerichs, Sabine. 2012. Law, Economy and Society in the Global Age: A Study Guide. In: Socio-Legal Approaches to International Economic Law: Text, Context, Subtext, Hrsg. Perry-Kessaris, Amanda, 36-49. London: Routledge. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2012. Von Menschen, Märkten und Moneten: Eine Kritik verhaltensökonomischer Erklärungsmodelle der Finanzkrise. In: Entfesselte Finanzmärkte? Soziologische Analysen zu Entwicklung und Krisen moderner Finanzmärkte, Hrsg. Kraemer, Klaus; Nessel, Sebastian, 103-118. Frankfurt am Main: Campus. (Details)
2011 Frerichs, Sabine. 2011. Re-embedding Neo-liberal Constitutionalism: A Polanyian Case for the Economic Sociology of Law. In: Karl Polanyi, Globalisation and the Potential of Law in Transnational Markets, Hrsg. Joerges, Christian; Falke, Josef, 65-84. Oxford: HART Publishing. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2011. What Sociological Backing for the Conflicts-Law Approach? A Gallery of Candidates. In: After Globalization - New Patterns of Conflict and Their Sociological and Legal Re-constructions. RECON Report No. 15, Hrsg. Joerges, Christian; Ralli, Tommi, 199-278. Oslo: ARENA. (Details)
2010 Frerichs, Sabine. 2010. Constitutional Ideal Types in the Global Age: A Sociological Review. In: The Many Constitutions of Europe, Hrsg. Tuori, Kaarlo; Sankari, Suvi, 69-88. Aldershot: Ashgate. (Details)
  Deutschbein, Olaf, Frerichs, Sabine. 2010. Homo neurooeconomicus und homo neurosociologicus. Das Ich zwischen Natur und Kultur. In: Gefährliche Menschenbilder: Biowissenschaften, Gesellschaft und Kriminalität, Hrsg. Böllinger, Lorenz u.a. 186-201. Baden-Baden: Nomos. (Details)
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  Frerichs, Sabine. 2010. Oikeus yhteiskuntateoreettisessa ajattelussa: lyhyt historia [A Short History of Socio-Legal Thinking]. In: Yhteiskuntateorioiden oikeus [Law in Social Theories], Hrsg. Kotkas, Toomas; Lindroos-Hovinheimo, Susanna, 9-44. Helsinki: Tutkijaliitto. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2010. Zur transnationalen Verfassung der Marktgesellschaft: Perspektiven einer Wirtschaftssoziologie des Rechts. In: Unsichere Zeiten: Herausforderungen gesellschaftlicher Transformationen. Verhandlungen des 34. Kongresses der DGS in Jena 2008, Hrsg. Soeffner, Hans-Georg, 000-000. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. (Details)
2009 Frerichs, Sabine and Deutschbein, Olaf. 2009. Law Goes Neuro: Wie kommt das Recht ins Hirn? In: Citizen by proxy und Individualrechte: Über das Rechtssubjekt und seine Stellvertreter, Hrsg. Kreissl, Reinhard, 69-84. Münster: LIT Verlag. (Details)
2008 Frerichs, Sabine. 2008. Die europäische Rechtsgemeinschaft in gesellschaftstheoretischer Perspektive. In: Die Natur der Gesellschaft. Verhandlungen des 33. Kongresses der DGS in Kassel 2006, Hrsg. Rehberg, Karl-Siegbert, 2349-2359. Frankfurt: Berghan. (Details)
  Münch, Richard, Frerichs, Sabine. 2008. Markt und Moral: Transnationale Arbeitsteilung und Netzwerksolidarität. In: Handbuch der Wirtschaftssoziologie, Hrsg. Maurer, Andrea, 394-410. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. (Details)

Edited book (editorship)

2017 Frerichs, Sabine, Hrsg. 2017. Unravelling the European Community of Debt. Special Issue of the European Law Journal, Vol. 22, No. 6, pp. 720-868. Oxford: John Wiley & Sons. open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Sankari, Suvi, Frerichs, Sabine. 2020. Consumer Choice and Sustainability. Exploring European Private Law in the (Re-)Shaping of Global Markets and Orders, Workshop by the FIDIPRO Project “External Dimensions of European Regulatory Private Law”, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, 07.09.-08.09. (Details)
2019 Frerichs, Sabine. 2019. Behavioural Economics as New Legal Realism. Economics in Law – Law in Economics Conference, University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom, 11.07. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2019. Law in Interdisciplinary Context: From Law and Economics to Law as Culture. International AGYA Conference: The Place of Humanities in Research, Education and Society, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 08.11.-10.11. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2019. What Role for Institutions in Brain-Centred Economics? Workshop on Hardwired Sociality? How the New Behavioral Disciplines Change Our Understanding of Economic, Social, and Moral Action, Institute for Sociology and Social Research, WU Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 29.11.-30.11. (Details)
2018 Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Creditor Beware? The Moral Economy of Debt and the Normalisation of Bankruptcy. Geographies and Moralities of Debt, Workshop of the HERA Research Project ‘The Debt: Historicizing Europe’s Relations with the ‘South’’, University of Helsinki, Finland, 24.05.-25.05. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Fiskalische Bande: Vom nationalen Wohlfahrtsstaat zur europäischen Schuldengemeinschaft. Verringerung der Staatsschulden durch Ausgabenkürzung oder Steuererhöhung? Diskussionsverstaltung der Wiener Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Wien, Austria, 23.01. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Karl Polanyi and the Law of Market Society. Inauguration of the International Karl Polanyi Society, Gala Event, Chamber of Labour, Vienna, Austria, 08.05.-09.05. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2018. Polanyi, Joerges, and the Law of Market Society. The Political in the Economy and its Law, Symposium in honor of Professor Emeritus Christian Joerges, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany, 05.12. (Details)
2017 Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. The Price of Ownership: Property Relations in the Market Society. A Great Transformation? Global Perspectives on Contemporary Capitalisms, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, 09.01.-13.01. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. What is the 'Social' in Behavioural Economics? The Methodological Underpinnings of Governance by Nudges. Economics and/or Psychology? Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Behavioural Economics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, 22.05.-23.05. (Details)
2016 Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. Defying Shahryar's Spirit: Egyptian Cartoonists' Relentless Quest for Legitimacy (with Mohamed M. Helmy). Street Art of Resistance, Centre for Cultural Psychology, Aalborg, Denmark, 10.10.-11.10. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. Europe's Money Method and Its Antecedents: From the Commodification of Credit to Integration Through Finance. Intersections of Finance and Society, City University London, London, United Kingdom, 03.11.-04.11. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. What Is Economic Sociology of Law? Transnational Lawyering and Judging: Evolving Concepts and Practices, Transnational Law Summer Institute, The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London, London, United Kingdom, 21.06.-30.06. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. Zur moralischen Ökonomie der europäischen Schuldengemeinschaft. Aktuelle Probleme der Finanzsoziologie: Die Fragestellung von Rudolf Goldscheid heute. Symposium der Wiener Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Wien, Austria, 01.12.-01.12. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2020 Frerichs, Sabine. 2020. Frei, treu und berechenbar: Das Problem der Kundenbindung aus soziologischer Sicht. (erscheint in) Handbuch Kundenbindungs- und Loyalitätsprogramme. open access (Details)
2012 Frerichs, Sabine. 2012. Clashing Constitutions: On the Tectonics of the Egyptian Revolution 2011. Helsinki Legal Studies Research Paper No. 21 (University of Helsinki). (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2012. Studying Law, Economy, and Society: A Short History of Socio-legal Thinking. Helsinki Legal Studies Research Paper No.19 (University of Helsinki). (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2012. The Law of the Market Society: A Polanyian Account of its Conflicts and Dynamics. A Self-Sufficient European Private Law: A Viable Concept? EUI Working Paper LAW 2012/31, European Regulatory Private Law Project (ERPL - 01), 45-66. (Details)

Book or article review

2017 Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. Besprechung von Die 'Economie des conventions': Grundlagen und Entwicklungen der neuen französischen Wirtschaftssoziologie, von Rainer Diaz-Bone. Economic Sociology European Electronic Newsletter 19 (1), 42-44. (Details)
2013 Frerichs, Sabine. 2013. Besprechung von Recht ohne Staat? Zur Normativität nichtstaatlicher Rechtsetzung, von Kadelbach, Stefan, Günther, Klaus. Neue Politische Literatur. Berichte über das internationale Schrifttum 58 (1), 171-172. (Details)
2010 Frerichs, Sabine. 2010. Besprechung von Re-Forming Capitalism: Institutional Change in the German Political Economy, von Streeck, Wolfgang. Management International Review 50 (6), 827-832. (Details)


2012 Frerichs, Sabine. 2012. What Constitutes the Market Society? Studies in the Economic Sociology of Law. Habilitationsschrift, University of Bamberg. (Details)


2006 Frerichs, Sabine. 2006. Judicial Governance in der europäischen Rechtsgemeinschaft: Integration durch Recht(sprechung) jenseits des Staates. Dissertation, University of Bamberg. (Details)

Diploma thesis

2002 Frerichs, Sabine. 2002. Nachhaltige Entwicklung als Forschungsziel: Fragen an die Soziologie der Wissenschaft. Diplomarbeit, Universität Trier. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2020 Frerichs, Sabine. 2020. The Choice of Paradigms in Political Economy: A Primer for Lawyers. Contribution to the online symposium on Poul F. Kjær (ed), The Law of Political Economy: Transformations in the Function of Law (CUP 2020): What Comes After Neoliberalism? VerfBlog, 02.09.20 (Details)
2019 Frerichs, Sabine. 2019. Verhaltensökonomie: Wonach wir im Supermarkt greifen. Zeit Online, 01.10.19 (Details)
2017 Frerichs, Sabine. 2017. Freihandel versus Protektionismus? Zu den gesellschaftlichen Bedingungen weltwirtschaftlicher Integration. Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen, Vol. 70, No. 1, pp. 26-28, 01.01. (Details)
2016 Frerichs, Sabine. 2016. Die Prinzipien des Welthandels. Online-Dossier der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung zu Freihandel versus Protektionismus, 10.10. open access (Details)
2007 Frerichs, Sabine, Hamann, Julian. 2007. Von A wie Aufklärung bis Z wie Zaster oder Wer buchstabiert das ABC der Menschheit. uni.vers (Magazin der Universität Bamberg), No. 13, pp. 3-5, 01.07. (Details)


Judging/Nudging Real Humans: Behavioural Law and Economics as a Cultural Project, University of Bonn (2018-2019) (Details)
European Bonds: The Moral Economy of Debt, University of Helsinki (2013-2019) (Details)