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Thomas Plümper

Univ.Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Thomas Plümper
+43 1 31336 5458
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since 2015
Professor of Quantitative Social Research
Professor of Government, University of Essex

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Awards and Honors

ESRC Transformative Grant
SAGE Best Paper Award, EU Politics
Teaching Award, University of Essex
Suedwestmetall Preis


  • 5118 Political science (Details)
  • 5325 Political economics (Details)
  • 5912 Social sciences (interdisciplinary) (Details)


  • Natural Disasters
  • Political Economy
  • Social Science Methodology


Position in committee for appointments
  2008-2015 University of Essex
Reviewer for scientific organization
  2021 University of Colorado
  2021 Riksbankens Jubileumsfond - Reviewer
  2018 Duke University
  2016 Palgrave
  2015 Max Planck Institute
  2014 University of Konstanz
  2014 University of Bamberg
  since 2012 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
  since 2010 London School of Economics
  2007-2009 Volkswagenstiftung
  2007-2008 National Science Foundation
  2007-2012 Economic and Social Research Council
Member of the editorial board
  since 2012 Political Science Research and Methods - Board Member
  2010-2016 European Journal of Political Research - Board Member
  since 2009 Journal of Theoretical Politics - Board Member
  since 2007 Political Analysis - Board Member
  since 2007 Journal of European Public Policy - Board Member
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  since 2021 Social Science Querterly
  since 2020 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  since 2020 European Journal of Public Health
  since 2020 BMJ
  since 2017 Political Geography
  since 2017 PLOS One
  since 2017 Nature
  2017 Environment and Development Economics
  since 2017 Disaster Risk
  2016 Politics and Gender
  since 2016 Journal of Theoretical Politics
  since 2016 Journal of Conflict Resolution
  since 2016 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
  2015 Review of World Economics
  2015 Journal of Common Market Studies
  since 2015 Economics and Politics
  since 2014 Stata Journal
  2014-2015 Journal of Development Economics
  2014-2016 European Union Politics
  2014-2015 Constitutional Political Economy
  since 2014 Conflict Management and Peace Science
  since 2013 World Development
  2013-2016 West European Politics
  since 2013 Public Administration
  since 2013 Political Science Research and Methods
  since 2013 Global Environmental Change
  2012 Socio-Economic Review
  2012 Political Studies
  since 2012 Journal of Public Policy
  since 2012 Journal of Politics
  since 2012 International Interactions
  since 2012 Comparative Political Studies
  since 2011 International Organization
  2011-2012 American Sociological Review
  since 2010 Public Choice
  since 2009 British Journal of Political Science
  since 2009 American Journal of Political Science
  since 2007 World Politics
  2007-2010 Regulation and Governance
  since 2007 Political Analysis
  since 2007 Journal of Peace Research
  since 2007 Journal of European Public Policy
  since 2007 International Studies Quarterly
  2007-2016 European Journal of Political Research
  2007-2010 European Journal of Political Economy
  since 2007 Electoral Studies
  2007-2018 American Political Science Review
Organization scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  since 2020 Political Science of Covid-19
  2016-2020 Joint Workshop Warwick WU Wien
  since 2010 European Political Science Association Annual Conference - Conference Chair
Memberships in corporate advisory boards, Leading positions in corporations
  since 2010 EPS Academic
Research Cooperation
  since 2015 University of Warwick - Reasearch Affiliate
  since 2015 University of Essex - Visiting Professor
  since 2008 Trinity College Dublin - Research Affiliate
  since 2008 PRIO - Research Affiliate
  2007-2012 Max Planck Institute of Economics - Research Affiliate
Other scientific activities
  since 2017 European Political Science Association - Vice President
  since 2017 European Political Science Association - Treasurer
  2010-2017 European Political Science Association - Executive Director


Book (monograph)

2017 Neumayer, Eric, Plümper, Thomas. 2017. Robustness Tests for Quantitative Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Details)

Journal article

2021 Laroze, Denise, Neumayer, Eric, Plümper, Thomas. 2021. COVID-19 does not stop at open borders: Spatial contagion among local authority districts during England's first wave. Social Science & Medicine. 270 (11365), 1-6. open access (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2021. Fueling the Covid-19 pandemic: summer school holidays and incidence rates in German districts. Journal of Public Health. 1-8. open access (Details)
2020 Plümper, Thomas, Neumayer, Eric. 2020. The pandemic predominantly hits poor neighbourhoods? SARS-CoV-2 infections and COVID-19 fatalities in German districts. European Journal of Public Health. 30 (6), 1176-1180. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas, Traunmueller, Richard. 2020. The Sensitivity of Sensitivity Analysis. Political Science Research and Methods (PRSM). 8 (1), 149-159. (Details)
2019 Plümper, Thomas, Troeger, Vera E., Neumayer, Eric. 2019. Case Selection and Causal Inference in Qualitative Comparative Research. PLoS ONE. 1-18. open access (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas, Troeger, Vera. 2019. Not so harmless after all. The Fixed Effects Model. Political Analysis. 27 (1), 21-45. (Details)
2018 Plümper, Thomas, Epifanio, Mariaelisa. 2018. European Integration and the Race to the Top in Counterterrorist Regulations. Journal of European Public Policy. 25 (5), 787-799. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas, Neumayer, Eric, Laroze, Denise. 2018. Regional inequalities in premature mortality in Great Britain. PLoS ONE. 13 (2), 1-16. open access (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas, Neumayer, Eric, Laroze, Denise. 2018. The limits to equivalent living conditions: regional disparities in premature mortality in Germany. Journal of Public Health. 26 (3), 309-319. open access (Details)
2017 Plümper, Thomas, Quiroz Flores, Alejandro, Neumayer, Eric. 2017. The Double-Edged Sword of Learning from Disasters: Mortality in the Tohoku Tsunami, Global Environmental Change 44, 49-56. (Details)
2016 Neumayer, Eric, Plümper, Thomas. 2016. Inequalities of Income and Inequalities of Longevity: A Cross-Country Study. American Journal of Public Health 106 (1), 160-165. open access (Details)
  Neumayer, Eric, Plümper, Thomas. 2016. Spatial spill-overs from terrorism on tourism: Western victims in Islamic destination countries. Public Choice 169 (3-4), 195-206. (Details)
2015 Neumayer, Eric , Plümper, Thomas. 2015. W. Political Science Research and Methods (PRSM) 4 (01), 175-193. (Details)
2014 Plümper, Thomas, Neumayer, Eric. 2014. Free-riding in alliances: Testing an old theory with a new method. Conflict Management and Peace Science 32 (3), 247-268. (Details)
  Neumayer, Eric, Plümper, Thomas, Barthel, Fabian. 2014. The political economy of natural disaster damage. Global Environmental Change 24, 8-19. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas, Epifanio, Mariaelisa, Neumayer, Eric. 2014. The ¿Peer-Effect¿ in Counterterrorist Policies. International Organization 68 (01), 211-234. (Details)
2012 Neumayer, Eric, Plümper, Thomas. 2012. Conditional Spatial Policy Dependence: Theory and Model Specification. Comparative Political Studies 45 (7), 819-849. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2012. HEALTH SPENDING, OUT-OF-POCKET CONTRIBUTIONS, AND MORTALITY RATES. Public Administration 91 (2): S. 403-418. (Details)
2011 Plümper, Thomas. 2011. Earthquake Propensity and the Politics of Mortality Prevention. World Development 39 (9): S. 1530-1541. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2011. Fear of Floating and de Facto Exchange Rate Pegs with Multiple Key Currencies1. International Studies Quarterly 55 (4): S. 1121-1142. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2011. Fixed-Effects Vector Decomposition: Properties, Reliability, and Instruments. Political Analysis 19 (2): S. 147-164. (Details)
2010 Plümper, Thomas. 2010. Foreign terror on Americans. Journal of Peace Research 48 (1): S. 3-17. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2010. Model specification in the analysis of spatial dependence. European Journal of Political Research 49 (3): S. 418-442. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2010. Spatial Effects in Dyadic Data. International Organization 64 (01): S. 145-166. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2010. The friend of my enemy is my enemy: International alliances and international terrorism. European Journal of Political Research 49 (1): S. 75-96. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2010. The Level of Democracy during Interregnum Periods: Recoding the polity2 Score. Political Analysis 18 (2): S. 206-226. (Details)
2009 Plümper, Thomas. 2009. Famine Mortality, Rational Political Inactivity, and International Food Aid. World Development 37 (1): S. 50-61. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2009. Famine Mortality, Rational Political Inactivity, and International Food Aid. World Development 37 (1): S. 50-61. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2009. International Terrorism and the Clash of Civilizations. British Journal of Political Science 39 (04): S. 711-734. (Details)
2007 Plümper, Thomas. 2007. Discriminatory European Union Membership and the Redistribution of Enlargement Gains. Journal of Conflict Resolution 51 (4): S. 568-587. (Details)
  Plümper, Thomas. 2007. The Gendered Nature of Natural Disasters: The Impact of Catastrophic Events on the Gender Gap in Life Expectancy, 1981–2002. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 97 (3): S. 551-566. (Details)
2006 Plümper, Thomas. 2006. The Unequal Burden of War: The Effect of Armed Conflict on the Gender Gap in Life Expectancy. International Organization 60 (03): S. 723-754. (Details)
2005 Plümper, Thomas, Troeger, Vera, Manow, Philip. 2005. Panel data analysis in comparative politics: Linking method to theory. European Journal of Political Research. 44 (2), 327-354. (Details)


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