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Claudio Biscaro

Dr. Claudio Biscaro
+43 1 31336 4425
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Journal article

2018 Biscaro, Claudio, Comacchio, Anna. 2018. Knowledge Creation Across Worldviews: How Metaphors Impact and Orient Group Creativity. Organization Science. 29 (1), 58-79. (Details)
2015 Gain, Animesh, Mojtahed, Vahid, Biscaro, Claudio, Balbi, Stefano, Giupponi, Carlo. 2015. An integrated approach of flood risk assessment in the eastern part of Dhaka City. Natural Hazards 79 (3): S. 1499-1530. (Details)
  Giupponi, Carlo, Biscaro, Claudio. 2015. Vulnerabilities - bibliometric analysis and literature review of evolving concepts. Environmental Research Letters 10 (12): S. 1-13. (Details)
2014 Biscaro, Claudio, Giupponi, Carlo. 2014. Co-Authorship and Bibliographic Coupling Network Effects on Citations. PLoS ONE 9 (6): S. e99502-12. (Details)
2012 Calcagno, Monica, Biscaro, Claudio. 2012. Designing the Interactions in the Museum: Learning from Palazzo Strozzi. International Studies of Management and Organization 42 (2): S. 43-56. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2015 Giupponi, Carlo, Mojtahed, Vahid, Gain, Animesh, Biscaro, Claudio, Balbi, Stefano. 2015. Integrated risk assessment of water-related disasters. In: Hydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks, and Disasters, Hrsg. Paron, P. and Di Baldassarre, G. S. 163-200. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2019 Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2019. Don’t Rock The Boat. Theorizing the Role of Social Exchanges in Issue Settlements. In Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Hrsg. AOM Conference, 1-6. Boston: None. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2019 Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2019. The Maintenance of a Contested Issue: Towards a Theory of Exchanges in Shaping Issue Settlements. WOA 2019, Palermo, Italy, 07.02.-08.02. (Details)
2018 Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2018. A Pyrrhic victory? categorization and framing in a complex issue field. 14th Workshop on New Institutionalism in Organization Theory, March 16-17, 2018, Bocconi University, Mailand, Italien, 16.03.-17.03. (Details)
  Biscaro, Claudio, Montanari, Fabrizio. 2018. Creativity and Networks: addressing the role of individual cognition. Academy of Management, Chicago, IL, United States/USA, 10.08-14.08. (Details)
  Bruni, Elena, Biscaro, Claudio, Comacchio, Anna, Oswick, Cliff. 2018. Metaphors in management research: Retracing streams to inspire future developments. Egos 34th colloquium, Tallinn, Estonia, 05.07-07.07. (Details)
  Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2018. On thin ice. Maintenance struggles around a contested practice. Egos 34th colloquium, Tallinn, Estonia, 05.07-07.07. (Details)
  Schlindwein, Eva, Biscaro, Claudio. 2018. Summoning the Moral Demon: Discursive work in the Case of Cannabis Prohibition in the U.S., 1900–1960. Egos 34th colloquium, Tallinn, Estonia, 05.07-07.07. (Details)


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