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Simone Häckl

Simone Häckl MSc.
+43 1 31336 4575
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since 2014
Teaching and Research Associate

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  • experimental economics, behavioral economics


Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2018 Bogotá Experimental Economics Workshop - Workshop
  2017 Workshop in Behavioral Public Economics 2017 - Workshop
  2016 Phd Course in Field Experiment, August 15-19, Copenhagen - PhD Course
  2016 Barcelona GSE Summer School - Economic Analysis of Electoral Politics
  2016 Austrian Exp Econ (AEE) Workshop - Workshop
  2015 WU Competence Day - Economic Thinking, December 16th - Presentation: How to measure motivation - an experimental analysis
  2015 Workshop in "Behavioral Public Economics", September 10-11, Vienna - Workshop
  2015 Spring School in Behavioral Economics. March 8-12, San Diego - Poster Presentation
  2015 Moral Incentives and Unethical Behavior Conference, March 12-14, San Diego - Konferenzbesuch
  2015 Crash Course in Experimental Economics, July 6-10, Amsterdam - Teilnahme Summer School
  2014 Workshop in "Public Organizations", September 8-9, Vienna - Workshop


Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2017 Häckl, Simone. 2017. Measuring Motivation to Work Hard. 4th International Meeting on Experimental and Behavioral Social Sciences (IMEBESS), Barcelona, Spanien, 27.04-29.04. (Details)
  Häckl, Simone. 2017. Teams Don't Work Well for the Motivated. Economic Science Association European Meeting (EESA), Wien, Österreich, 06.09.-09.09. (Details)
  Häckl, Simone. 2017. Teams Don’t Work Well for the Motivated. Young Economists' Meeting , Brno, Tschechische Republik, 01.06.-02.06. (Details)
2016 Häckl, Simone. 2016. Testing for Motivation in Explaining Effort at Work. 11th Nordic Conference on Behavioral and Experimental Economics (NCBEE), Oslo, Norwegen, 30.09-01.10. (Details)
2015 Häckl, Simone. 2015. How to measure motivation - an experimental analysis. WU Competence Day - Economic Thinking, Wien, Österreich, 16.12. (Details)


Do people know that they are overconfident and what happens once they find out? (2017-2018) (Details)