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Hanspeter Wieland

Mag. Hanspeter Wieland B.A.
+43 1 31336 5338
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Journal article

2022 Hickel, Jason, Dorninger, Christian, Wieland, Hanspeter, Suwandi, Intan. 2022. Imperialist appropriation in the world economy: Drain from the global South through unequal exchange, 1990–2015. Global Environmental Change. 73 (10246) open access (Details)
2021 Dorninger, Christian, Hornborg, Alf, Absona, David, von Wehrden, Henrik, Schaffartzik, Anke, Giljum, Stefan, Engler, John-Oliver, Feller, Robert, Hubacek, Klaus, Wieland, Hanspeter. 2021. Global patterns of ecologically unequal exchange: Implications for sustainability in the 21st century. Ecological Economics. 179 open access (Details)
  Wieland, Hanspeter, Lenzen, Manfred, Geschke, Arne, Fry, Jacob, Wiedenhofer, Dominik, Eisenmenger, Nina, Schenk, Johannes, Giljum, Stefan. 2021. The PIOLab: Building global physical input–output tables in a virtual laboratory. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 1-21. open access (Details)
2020 Wieland, Hanspeter, Giljum, Stefan, Eisenmenger, Nina, Wiedenhofer, Dominik, Bruckner, Martin, Schaffartzik, Anke, Owen, Anne. 2020. Supply versus use designs of environmental extensions in input–output analysis: Conceptual and empirical implications for the case of energy. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 24 548–563 open access (Details)
2019 Bruckner, Martin, Wood, Richard, Moran, Daniel, Kuschnig, Nikolas, Wieland, Hanspeter, Wegner Maus, Victor, Börner, Jan. 2019. FABIO—The Construction of the Food and Agriculture Biomass Input–Output Model. Environmental Science and Technology. 53 (19), 11302-11312. open access (Details)
  Giljum, Stefan, Wieland, Hanspeter, Lutter, Franz Stephan, Eisenmenger, Nina, Schandl, Heinz, Owen, Anne. 2019. The impacts of data deviations between MRIO models on material footprints: A comparison of EXIOBASE, Eora, and ICIO. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 23 946-958. open access (Details)
  Pinero, Pablo, Bruckner, Martin, Wieland, Hanspeter, Pongrácz, Eva, Giljum, Stefan. 2019. The raw material basis of global value chains: allocating environmental responsibility based on value generation. Economic Systems Research. 31 (2), 206-227. open access (Details)
2018 Wieland, Hanspeter, Giljum, Stefan, Bruckner, Martin, Owen, Anne E., Wood, Richard. 2018. Structural production layer decomposition: a new method to measure differences between MRIO databases for footprint assessments. Economic Systems Research. 30 (1), 61-84. open access (Details)
2017 Schandl, Heinz, Fischer-Kowalski, Marina, West, James, Giljum, Stefan, Dittrich, Monika, Eisenmenger, Nina, Geschke, Arne, Lieber, Mirko, Wieland, Hanspeter, Schaffartzik, Anke, Krausmann, Fridolin, Gierlinger, Sylvia, Hosking, Karin, Lenzen, Manfred, Tanikawa, Hiroki, Miatto, Alessio, Fishman, Tomer. 2017. Global Material Flows and Resource Productivity: Forty Years of Evidence. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 22 (4), 827-838. (Details)
2016 Giljum, Stefan and Wieland, Hanspeter and Lutter, Franz Stephan and Bruckner, Martin and Wood, Richard and Tukker, Arnold and Stadler, Konstantin. 2016. Identifying priority areas for European resource policies: a MRIO-based material footprint assessment. Journal of Economic Structures 5 (1), 1-24. open access (Details)
  Lutter, Franz Stephan and Pfister, Stephan and Giljum, Stefan and Wieland, Hanspeter and Mutel, Christopher. 2016. Spatially explicit assessment of water embodied in European trade: A product-level multi-regional input-output analysis. Global Environmental Change 38 S. 171-182. open access (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2019 Bruckner, Martin, Wood, Richard, Moran, Daniel, Kuschnig, Nikolas, Wieland, Hanspeter, Wegner Maus, Victor. 2019. FABIO - The Construction of the Food and Agriculture Biomass Input-Output Model. open access (Details)
2016 Wieland, Hanspeter, Giljum, Stefan. 2016. Carbon footprint decomposition in MRIO models: identifying EU-supply chain hot-spots and their structural changes over time. (Details)


FINEPRINT (Spatially explicit material footprints: Fine-scale assessment of Europe's global environmental and social impacts) (2017-2022) (Details)
The material dimension of services (2017-2017) (Details)
OECD MFA Data (2017-2017) (Details)
ENVINEQ (2016-2017) (Details)
OECD MF II (Comparison of material footprint methodologies) (2014-2015) (Details)
IntRESS (Exploring options for global resource use) (2014-2014) (Details)
Resource use in Germany (2014-2017) (Details)
DESIRE (Development of a System of Indicators for a Resource efficient Europe) (2013-2016) (Details)
Carbon-Cap (Carbon emission mitigation by Consumption-based Accounting and Policy) (2013-2016) (Details)