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Eva Beaujouan

Dr. Eva Beaujouan
+43 1 31336 5275
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Senior research scientist

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Member of the editorial board
  since 2018 Population Research and Policy Review
  since 2018 Population


Journal article

2019 Thomson, Elizabeth, Winkler-Dworak, Maria, Beaujouan, Eva. 2019. Contribution of the Rise in Cohabiting Parenthood to Family Instability: Cohort Change in Italy, Great Britain, and Scandinavia. Demography. 56 (6), 2063-2082. open access (Details)
  Beaujouan, Eva, Reimondos, Anna, Gray, Edith, Evans, Ann, Sobotka, Tomas. 2019. Declining realisation of reproductive intentions with age. Human Reproduction. 34 (10), 1906-1914. (Details)
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2018 Zeman, Krystof, Beaujouan, Eva, Brzozowska, Zuzanna, Sobotka, Tomas. 2018. Cohort fertility decline in low fertility countries: Decomposition using parity progression ratios. Demographic Research. 38 651-690. (Details)
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2016 Beaujouan, Eva, Brzozowska, Zuzanna, Zeman, Krystof. 2016. The limited effect of increasing educational attainment on childlessness trends in twentieth-century Europe, women born 1916–65. Population Studies. 70 (3), 275-291. open access (Details)


Later fertility in Europe: How far can fertility be postponed without being forgone? (2019-2021) (Details)