Classification: 6639: Latinistics


Book (monograph)

2013 Gardani, Francesco. 2013. Dynamics of morphological productivity. The evolution of noun classes from Latin to Italian. Leiden & Boston: Brill. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2013 Gardani, Francesco. 2013. Inflectional classes - a 2000-year timeline of evolution. Congrès International des Linguistes, Genève, Schweiz, 22.07-27.07. (Details)


2009 Gardani, Francesco. 2009. Dynamics of Morphological Productivity. A Synchronic Analysis and Diachronic Explanation of the Productivity of Nominal Inflection Classes from Archaic Latin to Old Italian in Terms of Natural Morphology. (xiii, 575 pp.). Dissertation, Universität Wien. (Details)


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