Classification: 6617: Literature studies (also: comparative -)


Journal article

2015 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2015. “¿Qué tal? ¿Virgilio?”: apuntes sobre la relación intelectual entre Virgilio Piñera y Witold Gombrowicz. Cuadernos Americanos. 153 (3), 67-85. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2015 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2015. 'Saluez le pauvre Pyniera': making a case for a long-forgotten literary friendship. In: Gombrowicz-Blätter, Hrsg. Fuchs, R. 19-35. Rostock: - (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda. 2015. Gombrowicz y Piñera: jefes del Ferdydurkismo sudamericano. In: Una Isla Llamada Virgilio, Hrsg. Jambrina, J. , 113-130. Miami: - (Details)
2013 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2013. El polaco quilombero. In: Gombrowicz-Blätter, Hrsg. Fuchs, R. 27-36. Rostock: - (Details)
2011 Komori-Glatz, Miya. 2011. Women in the kitchen: Fettered or free? Gender, order and knowledge in 'Como agua para chocolate' In: Geschlecht - Ordnung - Wissen: Festschrift für Friederike Hassauer zum 60. Geburtstag Hrsg. Hoffman, Judith & Pumberger, Angelika, 233-244. Wien: Praesens. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2018 Zilinskaite, Milda, Hajro, Aida, Stahl, Günter. 2018. Acculturation of Highly-Qualified Migrants in the Workplace. Journal of Management Studies Conference - Diversity Perspective on Management, Boston, United States/USA, 17.04-20.04. (Details)
  Hajro, Aida, Clegg, Callen Crusoe, Zilinskaite, Milda. 2018. An Integrative Review of Research on Different Types of Global Workers. Academy of Management - Showcase Symposium: Exploring Multilevel Issues in the Integration of Skilled International Migrants , Chicago, United States/USA, 10.08-14.08. (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda, Stahl, Günter. 2018. Making our Research More Relevant and Impactful: Addressing Grand Societal Challenges. International Organizations Network Conference, Sandbjerg Manor, Denmark, 15.02-18.02. (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda. 2018. Sustainable Development Goals and Migration: Implications for Scholarship. Academy of Management - PDW:Academy of Management - PDW: A Multi-Divisional Perspective on What’s Next in International Migration and Displacement Research, Chicago, United States/USA, 10.08-14.08. (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda, Hajro, Aida. 2018. Using the Self-Affirmation Theory to Examine How Highly Qualified Migrants Deal with Societal Level Challenges. Academy of Management - PDW: Integrating Skilled Migrants Into New Workplaces: Challenges and Support Mechanisms , Chicago, United States/USA, 10.08-14.08. (Details)
2017 Hajro, Aida, Zilinskaite, Milda, Stahl, Günter. 2017. Linking features of climate for inclusion to coping strategies and acculturation outcomes of highly-qualified migrants (presented by Aida Hajro). European Academy of Management (EURAM), Glasgow, United Kingdom, 21.06-24.06. (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda, Hajro, Aida , Stahl, Günter. 2017. Organizational Climate for Inclusion, the Resulting Challenges and Coping Strategies of Highly-qualified Migrants. 33rd EGOS Colloquium - Subtheme: Migration and the Meaning of Inclusion, Copenhagen, Denmark, 04.07-08.07. (Details)
  Hechtl, Angelika, Kreuter, Andrea, Börner, Ingo. 2017. Tatorte Österreich – Digitales Korpus österreichischer Regiokrimis. DHA 2017, Innssbruck, Österreich, 05.12.-07.12. (Details)
  Stahl, Günter, Zilinskaite, Milda. 2017. The Dark Side of Leader Behavior. Academy of Management - Paper Session:The Effects of Unethical Leadership, Atlanta, United States/USA, 04.08-08.08. (Details)
2016 Stahl, Günter, Zilinskaite, Milda. 2016. An Investigation Into the Dark Side Of Leader Behavior: Putting the Corporate Psychopaths Theory and Other Dispositional Explanations of Managerial Misconduct Under Scrutiny. 32nd EGOS Colloquium - Subtheme: Corporate Responsibility and Irresponsibility, Naples, Italy, 07.07-07.07. (Details)
  Handler, Peter. 2016. La contribution de phénomènes morphologiques à la constitution d'effets littéraires - avec un coup de projecteur particulier sur l'intertextualité et l'intermédialité. XXVIII Congresso internazionale di linguistica e filologia romanza, Rom, Italien, 19.07. (Details)
2013 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2013. An Alternative Take on The Cultural Inferiority Complex. Stiftung für deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbei, Rostock, Germany, 30.08. (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda. 2013. The Project of ‘Merciless Realism’ in Trans Atlantyk. California Slavic Colloquium, University of California-Berkeley, United States/USA, 13.04-14.04. (Details)
2012 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2012. Gombrowicz y Piñera: jefes del Ferdydurkismo sudamericano. Coloquio Internacional Piñera Tal Cual, Colegio Universitario de San Gerónimo, Cuba, 19.06-22.06. (Details)
  Zilinskaite, Milda. 2012. Intellectual exiles in Argentina, WWII and Beyond. Iberian and Latin American Studies Symposium, University of California, San Diego, United States/USA, 19.04. (Details)
2011 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2011. "9,490 dni w Polsce... 8,395 días en Argentina": Searching for Parallels Between Eastern European and Latin American Modernities in the Life and Works of Witold Gombrowicz. California Slavic Colloquium, Stanford University, United States/USA, 16.04-17.04. (Details)

Poster presented at an academic conference or symposium

2017 Hajro, Aida, Zilinskaite, Milda. 2017. Organizational Climate for Inclusion and Coping Strategies of Highly-qualified Migrants. European International Business Academy (EIBA), Vienna, Austria, 03.12. (Details)


2012 Khan, Charlotte, Romanov, Ju.A., Olejnik, S.P., Kvashina, T.S.. 2012. 60 Kornej. Uchebnoe posobie po russkomu jazyku dlja inostrancev.. Char'kov: Nationale Technische Universität Char'kov, Ukraine. (Details)

Teaching materials

2015 Zilinskaite, Milda, Scherrer, Marina, Weddig, Martina . 2015. Technical English C1 Student Pack. (Details)
2014 Zilinskaite, Milda, Bruchmüller, Kellie. 2014. Business English C1 Supplementary Student Pack . (Details)


2014 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2014. Witold Gombrowicz and Virgilio Piñera, the Argentine Experience. Dissertation, University of California, San Diego. (Details)

Master thesis

2007 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2007. The Literary Representation and Reception of the Lithuanian Other in the Literature of the Northern Crusades. Masterarbeit, University of Alabama. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2015 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2015. El Ferdydurkismo sudamericano. La Havana Elegante. Segunda Época, 01.11. (Details)
  Rocha Ochoa, Carlos. 2015. Valikhanov and Dostoyevsky: Dwellers of the Steppe. Ovi Magazine (Finland), 02.07.15 (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2017 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2017. Exploring (Ir)Responsible Leadership: The Dark Side of Leader Behavior. Erasmus+ Lecture, Universitas Dagjah Mada,Yogyakarta, 10.04.17 (Details)
2015 Handler, Peter. 2015. La création d'effets littéraires et artistiques dans la sphère morphologique du langage. Gastvortrag Institut für Romanistik, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck, 11.11. (Details)


2018 Zilinskaite, Milda. 2018. Panel Discussion, invited participant: Fighting Corruption from the Public and Private Trench Challenges to Joining Forces. (Details)


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