Classification: 5962: Development cooperation


Journal article

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Chapter in edited volume

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Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

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Working/discussion paper, preprint

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Research report, expert opinion

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Practice handbook, manual

2019 Knowledge Networks of Transdisciplinary Studies, KNOTS, Bärnthaler, Richard. 2019. Transdisciplinary Teaching and Research. (Details)

Media report

2021 Seidler, Valentin. 2021. Korruption und Politik in Österreich: Was können wir von China lernen? (Details)
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Master thesis

2019 Bärnthaler, Richard. 2019. Scientific Pluralism in the Field of Development Studies: Disagreement, Interaction, and Evaluation. Masterarbeit, University of Vienna. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

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Unpublished lecture

2015 Kaulich, Florian. 2015. Global Value Chains in Africa. WU Competence Day: Economic Thinking, Vienna (Austria), 16.12. (Details)


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