Classification: 5706: Economic statistics


Journal article

2016 Leisch, Robert, Pennerstorfer, Astrid, Schneider, Ulrike. 2016. Aktualisierte Daten für den Non-Profit-Bereich. Statistische Nachrichten 2016 (5), 377-382. open access (Details)

Edited book (editorship)

2015 Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia, Bitto-Nemling, Angela, Kastner, Gregor, Posekany, Alexandra, Hrsg. 2015. Bayesian Statistics from Methods to Models and Applications - Research from BAYSM 2014. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. (Details)

Poster presented at an academic conference or symposium

2014 Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia, Posekany, Alexandra. 2014. Merging parallel MCMC output for horizontally partitioned data. MCMSki 2014, Chamonix, Frankreich, 05.01-08.01. (Details)
2013 Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia, Halla, Martin, Posekany, Alexandra, Pruckner, Gerald, Schober, Thomas. 2013. Applying standard and semiparametric Bayesian IV for health economic data. EFaB@Bayes250, Raleigh, NC, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 14.12-17.12. (Details)

Encyclopedia article

1985 Hackl, Peter. 1985. Moving Sums (MOSUM). In Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Volume 5, Hrsg. Samuel Kotz, Norman Johnson, 635-639. New York: Wiley and Sons. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2014 Posekany, Alexandra, Bitto-Nemling, Angela, Kastner, Gregor. 2014. News from BAYSM 2014. The ISBA Bulletin - The official bulletin of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis , 13.10.14 (Details)


DIECOFIS - Development of a system of indicators on competitiveness and fiscal impact on enterprises performance (2001-2003) (Details)
Robust process control techniques (1997-1998) (Details)
The European employment cost index, implementation and feasibility study for Austria (1996-1997) (Details)
International city tourism report (1996-1998) (Details)
Selection and implementation of statistical methods for dynamic account data analysis for monitoring of creditworthiness of corporates (1994-1998) (Details)
  • Dorfleitner, Gregor (Former researcher)
  • Kiener, Richard (Former researcher)
  • Mahlberg, Bernhard (Details)
  • Posekany, Alexandra (Former researcher)