Classification: 5407: Ethics and social sciences


Book (monograph)

2016 Holweg, Christina, Lienbacher, Eva. 2016. Social Supermarkets in Europe - Investigations from a retailing perspective in selected European countries. Vienna: Eigenverlag. (Details)
2010 Loacker, Bernadette. 2010. kreativ prekär: künstlerische Arbeit und Subjektivität im Postfordismus. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag. (Details)

Journal article

2020 Herold, David Martin, Dietrich, Timo, Breitbarth, Tim. 2020. Banking on bullshit: indifferences towards truth in corporate social responsibility. International Journal of Bank Marketing. open access (Details)
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2009 Loacker, Bernadette, Muhr, Sara. 2009. How can I become a responsible subject? Towards a practice-based ethics of responsiveness. Journal of Business Ethics 90 (2): 265-277. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Etchanchu, Helen, de Bakker, Frank, Delmestri, Giuseppe. 2021. Social movement organizations’ agency for sustainable organizing. In: Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency, Hrsg. Teerikangas, S., Onkila, T., Koistinen, K., & Mäkelä, M. 1-20. London: Edward Elgar. (Details)
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Contribution to conference proceedings

2020 Human, Soheil, Gsenger, Rita, Neumann, Gustaf. 2020. End-user Empowerment: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. In Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hrsg. Tung Bui, 4102-4111. Hawaii, United States: None. open access (Details)
2018 Teller, Christoph, Holweg, Christina, Kotzab, Herbert, Reiner, Gerald. 2018. Food Waste in Stores: Retail Formats, Product Categories and Root Causes. In CERR 2018 - Colloquium on European Research in Retailing, Hrsg. Surrey Business School, Universität Bremen, Skema Business School , 63-65. Guildford, Surrey: - (Details)
2016 Teller, Christoph, Holweg, Christina, Reiner, Gerald. 2016. Food Waste, Root Causes and Store Formats. In CERR (Colloquium of European Research in Retailing), Hrsg. TBS Research Center, 290-292. Toulouse: Eigenverlag. (Details)
2011 Brunk, Katja, Öberseder, Magdalena. Forthcoming. Shedding light on the ethical consumer debate: evidence from a qualitative investigation of Body Shop Consumers. In AMS WMC Proceedings, Hrsg. Academy of Marketing Science, xx-xx. Reims: (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Lienbacher, Eva, Koschinsky, Julia, Holweg, Christina, Vallaster, Christine. 2020. Hybridity in Food Retailing to facilitate social change: Social Supermarkets in the context of suppliers and demand. A neighborhood-level geospatial analysis of Austria. EGOS Conference, Hamburg, Deutschland, 02.07.2020-04.07.2020. (Details)
  Raynard, Mia, Toubiana, Madeline, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Lawrence, Thomas B. 2020. Managing Institutional Boundaries Through Values Work: Love, Hate, and Private Enterprise in Chinese Socialism. Academy of Management Conference, online, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 07.08-11.08. (Details)
  Raynard, Mia, Toubiana, Madeline, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Lawrence, Thomas E. 2020. Managing Institutional Boundaries Through Values Work: Love, Hate, and Private Enterprise in Chinese Socialism. EGOS Colloqium, online, Deutschland, 02.07-04.07. (Details)
  Köllen, Thomas, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Schneeberger, Doris. 2020. Overcoming hegemonic anthropocentrism in business ethics – On the integration of animals into the remit of corporate responsibility. EGOS Colloquium, online, Deutschland, 02.07-04.07. (Details)
2019 Holweg, Christina, Teller, Christoph, Kotzab, Herbert, Reiner, Gerald. 2019. Strategies for reducing food waste in retailing: A multi-stakeholder perspective. INFORMS, Seattle, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 20.10.2019-23.10.2019. (Details)
2018 Teller, Christoph, Holweg, Christina, Kotzab, Herbert, Reiner, Gerald. 2018. Food Waste in Stores: Retail Formats, Product Categories and Root Causes. CERR (Colloquium on European Research in Retailing), Guildford, Großbritannien, 11.07.-13.07. (Details)
2017 Holweg, Christina. 2017. The potential of alternative store formats to commerial profit-oriented business. 3rd Kids and Retailing Colloquium, Bordeaux, Frankreich, 15.06.-16.06. Invited Talk (Details)
2016 Holweg, Christina, Gruber, Verena . 2016. Exploring the Consumption Behavior of At-Risk-of-Poverty Citizens. AMA-Marketing & Public Policy, San Luis Obispo, CA, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 23.6.-25.6.2016. (Details)
  Teller, Christoph, Holweg, Christina, Reiner, Gerald. 2016. Food Waste, Root Causes and Store Formats. CERR (3rd Colloquium on European Research in Retailing), Toulouse, Frankreich, 2.6--4.6. (Details)
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2012 Paulesich, Reinhard. 2012. Integrity - how can you measure it? Contributions from ethical ecological corporate analyses. Integrity: an interdisciplinary exchange on theory and practice, Budapest, Ungarn, 26.04 -27.04. Invited Talk (Details)
2011 Mitchell, Vince, Petrovici, Dan Alex, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B., Szöcs, Ilona. 2011. Examining the Influence of Parents versus Peers on Gen Y Internet Ethical Attitudes. 2011 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Coral Gables, Florida, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 24.05.-27.05.. (Details)
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  Paulesich, Reinhard. 2011. Sustainable Development and Performance of SMEs. Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Athen, Griechenland, 18.03.-19.03.. (Details)
2010 Paulesich, Reinhard, Brandtweiner, Roman. Forthcoming. Unternehmensbewertung aus informationsethischer Sicht. Unternehmensethik im digitalen Informationszeitalter. Internationales Hochschulinstitut Zittau. Zittauer Gespräche, Zittau / Sachsen, Deutschland, 15.10.-16.10. (Details)
2009 Loacker, Bernadette, Vötsch, Mario, Weiskopf, Richard. 2009. "Connecting and bridging in assemblages of creative work”. 27th Annual Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), Copenhagen and Malmö, Schweden, 08.07.-11.07.. (Details)
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Media report

2019 Holweg, Christina. 2019. 100 Jahre WU Forschung. (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2019. 100 Jahre WU Forschung. (Details)


2016 Holweg, Christina. 2016. New Avenues in Retailing and Marketing - Inspiration for a Research Agenda. Habilitationsschrift, Department of Marketing. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2019 Holweg, Christina. 2019. "Nichts ist so praktisch wie eine gute Theorie. Aber es gilt auch: Nichts ist so theorierelevant wie gute Praxis." REGAL, 01.10.19 (Details)
2018 Holweg, Christina. 2018. Waste im Handel - es geht nur gemeinsam! Regal, 01.06.18 (Details)
2017 Holweg, Christina. 2017. Täglich nur 5 Euro für Lebensmittel? Regal, 02.10. (Details)
2016 Holweg, Christina. 2016. Österreichischer Handel hat international Vorbildfunktion. Regal, 03.07. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2019 Holweg, Christina. 2019. Lebensmittelabfall im Handel. Vernetzungsveranstaltung Stadt Wien, Wien, 03.12.19 (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2019. ECR Academic Partnership Awards. ECR Tag 2019, Wien, 14.11.19 (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2019. JOINT VALUE CREATION. ECR Manager, Wien, 11.10.19 (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2019. Anschlussflug Karriere - komm an Board! Hofer for Excellence, Wien, 21.05.19 (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2019. Moderation Molkereiforum Österreich. REGAL Mopro Forum, Salzburg, 28.02.19 (Details)
2018 Holweg, Christina. 2018. Academic Partnership Awards. ECR Infotag 2018, Wien, 15.11.18 (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2018. CRM. Zertifizierter ECR Manager, Wien, 13.10.18 (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2018. Leadership 4.0. Helden im digitalen Tornado. Hofer for Excellence, Wien, 07.05.18 (Details)
2017 Holweg, Christina. 2017. Social Supermarkets in Europe (Invited Talk). House of Lords - Community Shop Recognition Event , London, 14.03. (Details)
  Holweg, Christina. 2017. Moderation Molkereiforum Österreich. REGAL Mopro Forum, Salzburg, 02.03.17 (Details)
2016 Holweg, Christina. 2016. Food Waste in Retailing: Reasearch results as opportunities for the cosmetic industry? . Out of the Tin - Beiersdorf Speaker Series, Wien, 04.10. (Details)


Transnational Governance and Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (2017-2018) (Details)
Web Plattform Business Ethics (2009-2011) (Details)
Philosophical and economical foundations of sustainable leadership in business (2008-2010) (Details)
Rudolf Goldscheid - a sociological activist (1999-2003) (Details)
  • Allhutter, Doris (Former researcher)
  • Delmestri, Giuseppe (Details)
  • Hajdu, Gergely (Details)
  • Holweg, Christina (Details)
  • Loacker, Bernadette (Former researcher)
  • Öberseder, Magdalena (Former researcher)
  • Paulesich, Reinhard (Details)
  • Schäfer, Astrid (Former researcher)
  • Thomasberger, Claus (Former researcher)